Must Watch Comedy K-Dramas on Hotstar


Laughter is truly the universal language that brings joy and happiness to people across cultures. This thrill is enhanced in Korean dramas by the charming offerings of comic K-Dramas. One of the top streaming services in India, Hotstar, recognises the universal appeal of humour and offers its users a carefully curated selection of comedy K-Dramas that would make them laugh.

Must Watch Comedy K-Dramas on Hotstar

These comic K-Dramas are a huge hit with viewers because they have the ideal balance of humour, touching scenes, and endearing characters. So, get ready to experience a roller-coaster of laughter and join us as we embark on a journey through the enchanting realm of Korean comedy on Hotstar!

Top 10 Comedy K-Dramas on Hotstar

1. “My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Kang Mi-rae, the main character of this romantic comedy, has plastic surgery to make her more attractive and self-assured. She struggles after starting college to fit in with a society that is so focused on outward appearances. The drama lightheartedly examines friendship, love, and self-acceptance.

2. Crazy Love (2023)

A romantic comedy that you can enjoy and laugh your heart out. Crazy Love has an intriguing poster, which enhances its appeal and provides food for thought. Love is undoubtedly crazy, but when you fall in love with someone, never let go of the crazier you. In order to avoid falling, let’s watch the top Romantic Kdrama on Disney+ Hotstar.

3. Fantastic (2016)

Famous TV drama writer Lee So-Hye (Kim Hyun-Joo) only has six months to live. Despite being a highly well-known Korean star, Ryoo Hae-Sung (Joo Sang-Wook) is not a skilled actor. Fantastic is a popular Korean drama that is shown on Disney + Hotstar.

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4. Welcome to Waikiki (2018)

The hilarious comedy “Welcome to Waikiki” centres on three friends who manage a hotel named Waikiki. While attempting to live out their fantasies, they experience a number of hilarious catastrophes. You’ll laugh out loud at the show’s slapstick humour and fantastic ensemble cast.

5. Go Ho’s Starry Night (2016)

“Go Ho’s Starry Night” depicts the life of Go Ho, a young person juggling her friendships, love life, and profession. The drama is lovely and enjoyable due to its relevant scenarios and clever humour.

6. More Than Friends

The two attractive pals don’t confess their romantic affection for one another for more than ten years due to misunderstandings and passing time. If you have a best friend, you know what I’m talking about because it constantly happens to them. Watch this wonderful Korean film about love and friendship on the popular OTT service Disney + Hotstar.

7. “Rooftop Prince” (2012)

“Rooftop Prince” incorporates time travel, historical drama, and contemporary comedy. A humorous series of interactions and cultural confrontations result from the Joseon era’s Crown Prince visiting the present. The show’s flawless blending of humour, intrigue, and romance makes it entertaining to watch.

8. The Package

In the intriguing story The Package, several characters get to travel together. However, they are constrained by a package policy. It contains love, humour, and culture; it is unquestionably an entertainment package. Now available on Disney+Hotstar view it, give it a rating, and continue your binge-watching marathon.

9. Shopping King Louie

The story of “Shopping King Louie” is about Louie, a wealthy heir who suffers memory loss and eventually ends up on the streets. A good-hearted girl named Bok-shil adopts him, and the two of them set out on a trip to rediscover life’s simple pleasures. There are many funny and heartwarming moments throughout the drama.

10. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

A young woman with superhuman power named Do Bong-soon is the subject of this romantic comedy. She employs her abilities to take on the role of security for an eccentric CEO, which results in funny scenarios. This drama is a must-watch because of the chemistry between the main characters and the comedic surprises.


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