Top 10 Amazon Shopping Hacks That Will Surely Get You Best Deals and Offers: Even If You Do Not Have A Prime Membership


Many Amazon customers believe that the best deals are only available only on special occasions and they waste their time waiting for those special occasions to arrive. But many shopaholics are aware that how they can get deals or offers on products without waiting for so long.

There are plenty of hacks that you can learn today and apply next time on your new purchase. That is why we have prepared a list of the 10 top hacks to get best deals or offers on Amazon.

  1. The best way to double your return window is to shop between November 1 and December 31

Usually, customers have a return window that is mostly open for 30 days, but during the holidays the items which are delivered between November 1 and December 31 can be returned until January 31. This gives an additional time period to return the product if the customer doesn’t find it suitable according to his/her needs.

  1. User having access to a “.edu” email can easily sign up for Prime Student

It is really easy for those users who have access to the “.edu” email to sign for Amazon Prime Student that gives a six-month trial of Prime Student and later have to pay 50% less than other Prime members ($6.49 per month) with all the same benefits and perks after the trial gets end. It is meant to last for four years or until your listed graduation date, that is, whichever comes first.

  1. Reloading Gift Card Balance gives Prime Members a chance to earn a 2% reward every time

Every time Prime Members earn 2% rewards when they reload their gift card balance with their debit card which has been designated as the Prime Reload Card at the time of signing up. You just need to set up 2% rewards and reload the gift card balance using the reward payment method. By doing so, your 2% rewards will be added to your gift card at the time you reload it.

  1. Get your delivery from a nearby Amazon locker if you cannot receive it on your doorstep

If you are living in the U.S then you are in luck as you will have the advantage to pick your delivery from an Amazon Locker if you are not able to receive it on your doorstep. The facility of Amazon Lockers is available in 50 cities of the U.S. you just need to go to ‘Manage Address Book’ in the settings of your profile and have to enter a new address where you want it to be delivered.

And have to search for an Amazon Locker in the search bar. You can search it by address, postal code, landmark, or by Locker name. The customer also has an option to scan the locker from a QR code and add its location in your address book.

  1. All the Prime benefits can be shared with other people using Amazon Household

If you want other members of your family or other people to enjoy the benefits of Prime, then Amazon Households allows you to share selected Amazon Prime benefits (like Prime shipping, Prime Now, and Amazon Fresh) with them, and it contains up to 10 members only.

  1. Paribus app gets you Amazon Gift cards or refunds at the time of late shipment

This app gets connected with your e-mail account which is synced with Amazon, that is, where you receive your purchased bill. Its main purpose is to track your parcel, receipts, and store’s policies to see if you might be owed money (price drops, late deliveries, etc.). If some inconvenience is detected by the app regarding late shipment then it will make it easy to get your money back. You might experience delays in the holidays due to bulk orders.

  1. Use Alexa to get automatic discounts

You just need to call out Alexa and say “Alexa, what are the new deals?” to hear the best deals that are available on the website that might include daily deals up to 55% off or more than that. Alexa can also pile up the stock of recommended products for you based on your previous purchases and can also keep track of your orders. You just need to ask Alexa to inform you when the package will arrive and it will keep you updated all the time.

Amazon also provides a frequent $10 instant discount for your first re-order using Alexa’s voice command.

  1. Get best deals on refurbished items or products on Amazon

There are plenty of items on Amazon which are refurbished, meaning those products that were returned back to Amazon due to some problem and are again ready to be sold after fixing the problem. Refurbished products are generally electrical items, and you get a maximum discount on such products, sometimes flat 50% off.

  1. Get a $10 bonus on reloading your Amazon Gift card with $100 or more

If you are using your Amazon Gift card for the very first time, then you will be rewarded a $10 bonus after reloading it with $100 or more. The offer is only available for Prime members only and is limited to one $10 reward per account.

  1. Keep yourself alerted with special offers when they go live

Always check ‘Today’s Deals’ on Amazon inside menu followed by ‘Upcoming’ filter to know the best deals on everyday items in Amazon. From there, you can select ‘Watch this deal’ so that you can immediately place your order before time runs out.


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