The perfect destination to go on a solo trip across India.

Perfect Destinations For Solo Trip Across India.

Summer trips are loved by everyone and no one likes to bail on the opportunity of going on one. But what if you stuck on the phase of  “Where should we go this time?” and can’t seek a way out of the loop of deciding and dropping the plans.

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Mostly all the trips are canceled on two stages the first one being that we can’t decide where to actually go and the second one is that everybody agrees first but bails on the plan at the very end.

That’s why taking a solo trip is better and helps you to get to know yourself better. Well, we can’t help you manipulate your peers into unanimously agreeing to whatever you say without calling it off at the last minute. But we can help you with deciding places to go and have a blast this summer.



If EDM’s combined with dirt cheap booze and snacks around people in their twenties jumping to the beat is your thing, believe me, Goa is the place for you. Go pack your bag and fill it up with tank tops and shorts combined with anything comfortable you could find.

After all, you are going to stroll around beaches with a Beer can all day long and had to do some jumping pumping to the feat at the night, so better be comfortable because of nobody care in goa and it is one of the best places to chill out.


Getting a straight nose dive into chilled seawater from a cliff can be pretty amazing and the kick it gives is just out of the world. So, my adventure buddy you can get a high amount of blood rush with all those things like Rafting, trekking, and Bungee jumping all together at Rishikesh.

After an exciting day, you can go relax in your tent and sing along group playing guitar or dance around the bonfire. Rishikesh is famous among youngster as it is a complete package of all the fun activities in the world.


If you have a bike and you never traversed along the fun route of roads of Ladakh, then what have you ever done my friend. Just get your engine roaring and hop on your beast with a backpack attached to the grill on the back.

The solo journey to Ladakh can force one to introspect in many ways,  as many have said to experience something else other than the world on this journey.

The snow-covered trailing roads of Siachen glacier and Karakoram range can be hard to tread on but once you crossed that, you can experience real proof of heaven with your naked eyes.


The raw beauty of green fields with clean skies and barren roads of Himachal Pradesh can be found altogether in Lahaul-Spiti Valley. The valley is one of the most beautiful places you can ever imagine.

The people are so friendly that you can almost spend the night in some strangers house if you know how to talk and maintain a smile across your face while at it.

Network connectivity dies after you go deep inside at the valley but that’s what let you discover yourself without any distraction.

There are various Dharamshala to get yourself a place to crash upon and have a sound deep sleep after a heavy day of going up and down upon the mountain ranges.


Ever wondered what France may look like, well go get yourself a ride to the union territory and have a pretty good idea of the same. Puducherry is heavily influenced by French culture and ways of living and one can find architecture, cuisine and even people who are neck deep in French colors.

You can take a walk around the city or get yourself a bike and again go around the city but much faster than walking itself. Don’t forget to go and visit Auroville temple for some ‘me time’ and retrospect while at it. The incense sticks from Aurobindo Ashram shops are a delight and get some of those to have a delightfully fragranced environment around you at all times.

Get your rucksack ready and throw yourself out of that bed because its time to take a hike, dive into chilly water to shout your name atop a mountain. So, what are you waiting for all you had to do is get a backpack ready and the don’t forget to share your photos all over the social while in the process.