The Big Door Prize Season 2 Review: Interesting and Heartwarming

The Big Door Prize Season 2

The Big Door Prize Season 2
The Big Door Prize Season 2 Review: Interesting and Heartwarming

Date Created: 2024-04-28 09:55

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In the second season of The Big Door Prize, the quirky small town of Deerfield deals with life’s perplexing twists. If Season 1 was an exciting beginning, Season 2 is a sort of reversal, delving deeper into the characters’ intertwined storylines.


What is it about? Set against the backdrop of Morpho, a mysterious machine that reveals people’s “life potential,” the drama is on issues of love, grief, and fate. The Morpho machine, located at a neighborhood store, spits out mysterious cards that cause locals to question their lives.

The show’s strength resides in its outstanding cast. Chris O’Dowd as Dusty, the teacher and whistler, adds complexity to his character. Gabrielle Dennis impresses as Cass, who unexpectedly gets the title “Royalty.” And don’t forget Trina, played by a talented teen who navigates love and secrets. As with the Morpho machine, the plot keeps us guessing.

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While solid explanations are elusive, the intrigue keeps us interested. What is the relationship between the deceased ex and the machine’s appearance? We are left interested. Admittedly, The Big Door Prize is not the most visually appealing show on Apple TV+. Some scenes feel stitched together, and the lighting appears to be set to “random.” Nevertheless, the cast perseveres, giving dedicated performances.

The Morpho machine’s cryptic messages continue to perplex. Dusty’s ski epiphany in Whistler? Cass’s “royalty” status? How is Trina’s relationship with her ex’s twin brother? We crave deeper exploration.

While flawed, The Big Door Prize Season 2 walks the line between good and interesting television. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, and even when it falters, the heartwarming moments and character complexities keep us interested.


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