Supacell Release Date, Cast and Plot

Everything about Supacell


Supacell is an upcoming British superhero web series set in London. The show is created for Netflix by Rapman. He has also written and directed it. Sebastian Thiel has also directed three episodes of the show. In the total the series is going to have a total of six episodes.

Supacell Release Date

Supacell is going to be released on Netflix UK and USA on 27th June 2024. However, it is not clear whether the series will release on the same day in India. Mouktar Mohammed and Henrietta Lee are the executive producers of the show. Anna Ferguson and Steve Searle also serve as producers.

Supacell Release Date, Cast and Plot

Supacell Cast

  • Tosin Cole as Michael Lasaki
  • Adelayo Adedayo as Dionne
  • Yasmin Monet Prince as Veronica
  • Eddie Marsan as Ray
  • Nadine Mills as Sabrina
  • Eric Kofi-Abrefa as Andre
  • Calvin Demba as Rodney
  • Josh Tedeku as Josh
  • Rayxia Ojo as Sharleen
  • Giacomo Mancini as Spud
  • Michael Salami as Gabriel
  • Travis Jay as John

Supacell Plot

In the bustling streets of South London, a unique phenomena occurs as regular people from various walks of life find they have incredible powers. Surprisingly, the connecting link between them is their shared identity as Black people.

Faced with the challenge of navigating this new environment, one man emerges as a beacon of unity despite the chaos, beginning on a mission to bring these remarkable individuals together. Through difficulties and victories, they battle societal prejudices, personal struggles, and the weight of their new responsibilities, forming connections of brotherhood and solidarity.

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Together, they use their skills not only to protect themselves, but also to empower their community and challenge the injustices that exist in their world.


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