SpiceJet Announced Sale: Ticket Prices Now Starting From Rs 2.500


Recently, SpiceJet announced a sale on ticket prices during this monsoon season. Now, we all know how expensive traveling can get, isn’t it? 

Furthermore, there are times when we are aware of our traveling plans. And because of this, we book our tickets beforehand to avoid problems later on. 

This is why we not only pre-book our tickets for flights but also trains. And keeping this thought process of the customers in mind, SpiceJet has announced a sale on their tickets’ prices. 

Book Your Tickets Now
Book Your Tickets Now

Spice Announced Sale On Tickets

On 20th April 2022, SpiceJet announced a sale. And according to this, you can now buy SpiceJet plane tickets for prices starting as low as Rs 2,500. 

Now, if you didn’t already know then, this sale has already begun. And if you are traveling anytime between June to September, then you can pre-book your tickets now. 

Moreover, by doing so you can get the tickets at a much lower price than when you book them during that time. Furthermore, along with SpiceJet, Go First airlines are also providing this sale. 

Therefore, you can use this time to pre-book your tickets from either of the airlines. And save yourself some money through this sale. 

Furthermore, SpiceJet announced this sale through a tweet. The post read, “Now book your domestic flights at an unbelievable fare starting at just Rs.2492.” 

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When Can You Book Tickets Under This Sale? 

Now, the sale for both Go First and SpiceJet has begun. And if you have plans but are yet to book your tickets, do not worry. 

Although the same has started on the 20th of April, it will continue till the 25th of April. Now, during this time, you can pre-book your tickets for a limited time period only. 

This sale is only valid for tickets from the 20th of June to the 30th of September 2022. Therefore, if you have some plans between June 20th and September 30th, pre-book your tickets under this sale. 


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