Space Cadet Review: A Cosmic Comic Adventure

Space Cadet Review


Tiffany “Rex” Simpson (played by the delightful Emma Roberts) has always dreamed of going to space. But life isn’t going quite as planned for this Florida party girl. Determined to turn things around, Rex aims high and, with the embellishing touch of her supportive best friend Nadine (Poppy Liu), her “doctored” application lands her in NASA’s ultra-competitive training program.

What Works:

  1. Emma Roberts Shines: Roberts brings her signature charm to the role of Rex. Her comedic timing and relatable vulnerability make Rex a character you’ll root for.
  2. Heartfelt Moments: Amid the space-themed hijinks, the show surprises with genuine emotional moments. Rex’s journey from party girl to aspiring astronaut is both funny and touching.
  3. Diverse Ensemble: The cast, including Tom Hopper, Gabrielle Union, and Poppy Liu, adds depth and diversity to the story. Each character brings their unique quirks to the space program.
  4. Witty Dialogue: Liz W. Garcia’s writing sparkles with witty one-liners and clever banter. The interactions between characters keep the pace lively.

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What Could Improve:

  1. Predictable Plot Points: While the premise is fresh, some plot developments follow familiar patterns. A few surprises would elevate the show.
  2. Visual Effects: Given the space theme, the show occasionally relies on budget-friendly effects. A bigger visual spectacle would enhance the cosmic experience.

Final Verdict:

Space Cadet launches viewers into a delightful orbit of laughter, heart, and moxie. It’s a feel-good comedy that reminds us that even party girls can reach for the stars.


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