SBI ATM Franchise Online Apply: Earn Up to Rs. 60,000 per Month

If you are looking forward to earning through passive income or want to earn by sitting at home, then you have landed on the right page today. Everyone would say that it is impossible to earn Rs. 60, 000 per monthly by sitting at home. But with the SBI ATM franchise online apply you can also start earning Rs. 60,000 every month.

Your mind will blow away because SBI has brought this opportunity and it’s easy to take advantage of this chance. A person has to go for the SBI ATM franchise online apply and take the franchise directly from the State Bank of India in order to earn Rs. 60, 000 per month.

SBI ATM Franchise Online Apply

For your kind information, banks never install ATM machines on their own. They give contracts on an agreement basis to companies that are involved in the installation process. These companies deal with the overall installation of an ATM machine. Apart from this, let’s help you in guiding that how you can a good amount of money by acquiring a contract of an ATM franchise.

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Essential Requirements to Acquire SBI ATM through SBI ATM Franchise Online Apply

  • You need to have 50-80 square feet of free space or room.
  • It should be at 100 meters distance from another ATM.
  • It has to reachable place and needs to be constructed on the ground floor.
  • The place has to be equipped with 24 hours power supply along with a 1KW power association.
  • The ATM should not exceed the number of transactions of more than 300 each day.
  • The ATM room should have a solid/concrete rooftop.
  • You need to have a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the general public or authority for introducing V-SAT.

Documents Required to Apply for SBI ATM Franchise

  • Any ID proof in the form of an Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, or Voter Card.
  • Any address proof in the form of electricity bill, ration card.
  • Copy of bank account statement and passbook.
  • Passport-sized photograph along with an email id and phone number.
  • GST Number
  • Financial documents
  • Other essential documents

How to Apply for SBI ATM Franchise?

There are more than a couple of organizations that distribute contracts for the SBI ATM franchise. It is easy to apply for it by visiting their official website. As of now, Goodbye Indicash, Muthoot ATM, and India One ATM are the biggest organizations that have the agreement to introduce ATMs chiefly in India.

Below are some of the official websites of certain organizations that distribute contracts for the SBI ATM franchise:

Goodbye Indicash – Indicash website

Muthoot ATM –

India One ATM –

What is the Initial Investment?

SBI ATM Franchise Online Apply

Goodbye Indicash is the biggest organization among the top 3 in India. Those who are interested in this franchise have to deposit Rs. 2 lakhs in advance which is refundable. Moreover, Rs. 3 lakhs have to be deposited that will act as working capital. However, the total investment would sum up to a total of Rs. 5 lakhs.

Although, this is going to be the initial and final investment. There will be no requirement for further investment in the future.

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How Much Money You Can Make from this?

After making an investment of Rs. 5 lakhs, you will get Rs. 8 on each money exchange and Rs. 2 on all non-cash exchanges. The profit margin starts from 33-half annually. For example, if the exchanges go up to 250 on regular basis, wherein 65% is cash exchange and 35% is non-cash-exchange, then your monthly income can be approximately Rs. 45,000.

And if the numbers of exchanges touch 500 then the monthly income will come out to be around 88-90 thousand.

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