Phone Bhoot Twitter Review: Netizens Call Katrina Starrer A Laughter Riot


Phone Bhoot Twitter Review: Netizens are calling Phone Bhoot a laughter riot on Twitter. They are terming the horror comedy starring Katrina Kaif, Ishaan Khatter and Siddhant Chaturvedi one of the most enjoyable comedies to come out this year.

Phone Bhoot Twitter Review is very positive and proves that the film has it all to be successful at the box office. Katrina Kaif’s performance is hailed by everyone, while Ishaan and Siddhant are also receiving a lot of praise for their acting.

phone bhoot twitter review

Phone Bhoot is clashing with Double XL and Mili at the box office, but the film has made it sure that it outperforms the other two films with a punchy storyline and Katrina Kaif in the lead. The netizens on Twitter are giving Phone Bhoot positive reviews, which is very good news for the film.

Phone Bhoot Twitter Review being positive is wonderful news for the team of this movie. Horror comedies have started to work quite well in India if they have a good storyline with likeable characters, and Phone Bhoot has managed to capitalise on this. Here we have included the best reactions from Twitter on Phone Bhoot.

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Phone Bhoot Twitter Review by Fans

One fan wrote, “Unique & thoroughly entertaining Horror Comedy that boasts of HILARIOUS one-liners. The film subject is narrated like a meme & has some really funny pop culture references.”

Another Netizen on his Twitter Review of Phone Bhoot wrote, “finished the first half of Phone Bhoot and the audience is on the floor. This movie is crazy mad. The pop culture references, Katrina’s slice ad reference, and many such crazy moments made everyone scream. Interval pe the audience went crazy!”

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One fan described Phone Bhoot on Twitter in this way, “Absolutely enjoying the hysterical duo of Ishaan Khattar and Sidhant Chaturvedi that infuse so much energy in a script that is intentionally absurd and self-aware! The pop culture references are so well integrated Katrina Kaif with the Slice Ad had me.”

A Netizen highly impressed by the film wrote in his Phone Bhoot Twitter Review, “Phone Bhoot is a better entertaining story in this movie all characters play the best Acting. Katrina Kaif Awesome and Hot Ghost Lady. Ishaan Khatter Better Entertainer. Sidhant Chaturvedi Best funny Acting.”

One user wrote, “Ishaan Khatter and Siddhant are surprisingly fantastic in this movie, I did not expect such hilarity from them. Katrina, the boss lady, is as always great.”

“#Phonebhoot is not only a horror comedy, but a lunacy.” I feel as though I’ve been confined in a laughing gas chamber while watching this movie, and I can’t stop giggling. Bravo to the crew and director”, another Phone Bhoot Twitter Review read.


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