Nita Ambani Offers Women Empowerment Service “Her Circle in Hindi” on Women’s Day


Nita M. Ambani, Businessman of Reliance Foundation, declared on International Women’s Day Her Circle app in Hindi. It is an effort that synergizes women’s authority with the strength of the digital revolution. Hence, it is now going to expand into the multiple languages space with the release of a Her Circle Hindi application on Tuesday. Ms. Ambani created and introduced Her Circle a year ago. Whereas, online technology for women has a total reach of 42 million.

Nita Ambani’s Statement on the App

Ms. Ambani said at the launch of the Her Circle Hindi App, “Her Circle is a developing platform created for all women entrepreneurs, regardless of country or language.” I want our reach and support to continue unabated.

“And, to reach more women in their preferred language, we are launching Her Circle in Hindi first.” “We go online in March 2022, and I hope it receives as much love as the English platform has so far,” she remarked.

In addition to the launch of the Hindi App, Ms. Nita Ambani commemorated Her Circle’s first birthday by appearing on its first-ever digital cover and conducting an exclusive interview.

Her circle app anniversary celebrated by Ms. Nita Ambani

Her Circle’s first-year milestones span a wide range of objectives related to digital usage and networking. According to the Reliance Foundation, thousands of job prospects handpicked and displayed for users have led them to the proper professional path.

“Extensive workshops on how to acquire a professional cosmetics artist, culinary stylist, fitness instructor, dog trainer, and radio jockey have found eager participants.” “We have a network of women eager to collaborate and rise together, with 30,000 registered businesses on our network,” Reliance claimed.

The Sir HN Reliance Hospital medical specialists network provides free health and medical assistance within 24 hours on various specialties, including mental wellness, overall conditioning, skincare, gynecological issues, and counseling. This timely service has benefited countless women.

How does Her Circle App work?

It’s a one-stop shop for networking and goal achievement. It is intended to deliver entertainment and uplift women entrepreneurs. Additionally, it connects women via a social platform. Moreover, visitors can choose between their preferred languages currently English and Hindi via a simple language choice option.

The Hindi material is one-of-a-kind and personalized for the user. The website addresses questions about health, fitness, schooling, entrepreneurship, economics, philanthropy, mentoring, and management from Reliance’s respected expert panel.

Significantly, the chapter on upskilling and jobs will assist women in acquiring new technical abilities. As well as, assist them in finding career possibilities that match their characteristics.

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