Music School Movie Review: A Pale Musical Drama

Music School Movie Review: The film brings nothing new to the table.


Music School Movie Review: This musical drama film shot simultaneously in Hindi and Tamil is not an engaging affair and viewers may feel like bogged down by the overused subject matter as the crux of the story.

Music School Movie Review Rating: ⭐ | 1/5

Music School Movie Cast: Shriya Saran, Sharman Joshi, Prakash Raj, Ozu Barua, Gracy Goswami and the others.

Music School Movie Director: Papa Rao Biyyala

Music School Movie Story: Music School is about the pressure applied by school systems and parents on children to continue with endless hours of studies, only studies. Thinking of making them doctors and engineers, thereby leaving no time for art and leisure activities for the students.

Music School Movie Review: A Pale Musical Drama

Music School Movie Review

Music School directed by Papa Rao Biyyala brings nothing new to the table except for its musical tone which also ends up disappointing. There are not many musical films in Hindi and Tamil and perhaps the reason is that they turn out to be like Music School.

The film is a dull affair in which you will feel completely bored. It tries to milk a subject that has been already used thousands of times in movies and shows. A musical film should have had something striking and unique at the core to make it interesting. However, with Music School the makers have surely disappointed the viewers.

Shriya Saran, Sharman Joshi, Prakash Raj, Ozu Barua, Gracy Goswami and the rest of the cast have done a sincere job with their respective roles but the overly milked subject of the film does not give them a chance to shine brightly despite their talent and skills.

Lastly, music has to be the biggest power of a musical film but Music School’s music is below par. It never feels up to the expectations that we had from the film. All in all, Music School turns out to be a forgettable experience.

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