Chatrapathi Movie Review: Another Remake That Disappoints

Chatrapathi Movie Review: A disappointing remake


Chatrapathi Movie Review: The remake directed by V.V. Vinayak is a disappointing feature film that does not deserve a visit to the theatres. The 2023 Chatrapathi is nothing new and does not intend to create anything fresh as it sticks to the original 2005 Chatrapathi movie.

Chatrapathi Movie Review Rating: ⭐⭐ |2/5


Chatrapathi Movie Cast: Bellamkonda Srinivas, Nushrratt Bharuccha, Sharad Kelkar, Bhagyashree and the ensemble.

Chatrapathi Movie Director: V.V. Vinayak

Chatrapathi Movie Story: Chatrapathi gets separated from his mother and brother during the eviction process from a different country. He then goes on to put an end to a ruthless evil man while looking for his family. A substantial part of the movie is about how Chatrapathi wins back the love of his over jealous brother.

Chatrapathi Movie Review: Another Remake That Disappoints

Chatrapathi Movie Review

Bellamkonda Srinivas arrives with Chatrapathi as a force to reckon with in Hindi film industry. He is extraordinary in action sequences and there is a unique style and macho charm in his screen presence. Srinivas is extremely good in emotional scenes (involving his mother). His dancing abilities have improved tremendously compared to his earlier films. He did 100% justice to the title role of the film.

Nushrratt Bharuccha does well in what little time she gets alloted in the film. Bhagyashree and Sharad Kelkar are on top of their game in this movie. The rest of the cast is also sincere with their roles.

Even though the actors have did justice to their parts, Chatrapathi fails to create a long lasting impression. The film makes us out forward the question- Are remakes really necessary in today’s digital world where you can access the original film in an instant? To us the answer seems a big no and most viewers will tend to agree with this notion.

Chatrapathi is just nothing new and you would really feel that the film is a wastage of time if you have already watched the original movie from which it is adapted. Apart from the actors, there is nothing to like about this remake. Follow our advice and skip this film.


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