IB71 Movie Review: A Scorching Spy Action-Thriller

IB71 Movie Review: Vidyut Jammwal shines as charming IB agent Dev Jammwal in the film.


IB71 Movie Review: Vidyut Jammwal starrer is a red-hot spy action thriller that will take you on a thrill ride. With Jammwal in the film there are a lot of action sequences that are surely going to surprise you.

IB71 Movie Review Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


IB71 Movie Cast: Vidyut Jammwal, Anupam Kher, Vishal Jethwa, Faizan Khan, Dalip Tahil, Suvrat Joshi, Mir Sarwar and the ensemble.

IB71 Movie Director: Sankalp Reddy

IB71 Movie Story: Dev Jammwal is an IB agent assigned to prevent Pakistan and China from attacking India by blocking airspace in 1971.

IB71 Movie Review: A Scorching Spy Action-Thriller

IB71 Movie Review

Vidyut Jammwal as dashing, smart and athletic IB agent Dev Jammwal is a pure delight to watch. He aces the action scenes with finesse and makes everything look easy. However, there is much more to IB71 than just action and the film does manage to justify its storyline.

Vidyut Jammwal does seems stuck when it comes to displaying different emotions but overall he has done a decent job in IB71. There is still room for improvement when it comes to broadening the emotional skills as an actor for him. With that in mind, there is no one who comes close to Vidyut Jammwal when it comes to action in Bollywood. The absurd stunts in his film are always fascinating to watch and IB71 is no different.

Anupam Kher as IB Chief is a perfect fit. There is hardly any role which Anupam Kher cannot ace. His range as an actor is phenomenal and he displays another example of that in IB71. Vishal Jethwa, Faizan Khan and Dalip Tahil have done a sincere job in their respective roles.

IB71 starts off as a perfect thriller but the buildup collapses in the mid and you may feel disappointed with the direction of the movie around the interval time. However, the climax makes up for the sluggishness in the middle. Music could have been a bit better but it works just enough that you won’t feel it’s a nuisance. There are definitely a few things which are a miss but overall IB71 is a hit.


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