Little Miss Rawther Malayalam Movie Review: A Journey to Liberation

Little Miss Rawther Malayalam Movie Review: Little Miss Rawther is a film that challenges conventional norms and underscores the importance of personal agency in the face of societal expectations.


Little Miss Rawther is a contemporary and engaging film that explores the complexities of relationships and societal expectations within the context of an upper-middle-class Muslim family. Directed by Vishnu Dev and written by Shersha Sherief, the film delves into the life of Naina Rawther, portrayed by the talented Gouri G. Kishan. Born into a traditionally orthodox family, Naina’s character reflects the struggles and aspirations of a modern young woman facing the challenges of societal norms.

The film opens a window into Naina’s world, where she grapples with OCD issues and attempts to break free from the confines of her conservative upbringing. Her patriarchal father and an over-dramatic mother add layers of complexity to her journey, making her character relatable to those who have experienced similar family dynamics.

The narrative takes an intriguing turn when Naina’s college boyfriend, Abhijit Chandradas (played by Shersha Sherief), seeks solace in his college best friend Arun Kaliyikka (Jishnu Sreekumar) due to a downturn in his film career. It’s during this low point in Abhijit’s life that Naina, who is about to get married to Shafeek, reaches out to him for a conversation on her wedding night. The drunk and heartfelt conversation that ensues prompts Naina to reevaluate her decision to marry Shafeek and ultimately leads to her running away with Abhijit.

The performances in Little Miss Rawther are praiseworthy, with Gouri G. Kishan and Shersha Sherief delivering standout roles that breathe life into their respective characters. Kishan captures the essence of Naina’s struggles and her journey toward self-discovery with finesse, while Sherief’s portrayal of Abhijit is emotionally resonant, reflecting the complexities of love and relationships.

Little Miss Rawther Malayalam Movie Review: A Journey to Liberation

The film touches upon themes of love, societal expectations, and individualism, providing an intimate and relatable lens through which viewers can contemplate their own choices and desires. It raises important questions about the pressures society places on individuals, especially within the context of arranged marriages and family traditions.

Visually, the film is compelling, with the direction of Vishnu Dev providing a rich and authentic backdrop to the characters’ lives. The use of cinematography and settings effectively conveys the emotional depth of the story.

Little Miss Rawther is a film that challenges conventional norms and underscores the importance of personal agency in the face of societal expectations. It prompts viewers to reflect on the choices they make in their own lives and the impact of family dynamics on those decisions. The film’s title, Little Miss Rawther, serves as a symbolic representation of Naina’s journey towards self-discovery and liberation.

In summary, Little Miss Rawther is a thought-provoking and contemporary film that delves into the intricacies of love, family, and societal expectations. It features outstanding performances by its cast and successfully explores the personal struggles and aspirations of its characters. Vishnu Dev’s direction and Shersha Sherief’s writing make this film a compelling narrative that challenges viewers to reevaluate their own choices and beliefs. It’s a noteworthy addition to the world of cinema, offering a fresh perspective on the complexities of modern relationships and individualism.

Little Miss Rawther Malayalam Movie Review
Little Miss Rawther Malayalam Movie Review: A Journey to Liberation

Director: Vishnu Dev

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