Lampan Review: An Ode to the Calm & Carefree Days

Lampan Review


In an age of streaming behemoths and high-octane dramas, “Lampan” stands out as a treasured remembrance from a bygone period. Nipun Dharmadhikari’s Marathi-language show, which airs on Sony LIV, is a beautiful blend of innocence, humour, and comforting nostalgia.

Set in a picturesque village reminiscent of Malgudi, “Lampan” depicts the adventures of a young child named Lampan (Mihir Godbole plays him well). Forced to spend an academic year with his grandparents, Lampan discovers that life has rich lessons beyond textbooks. The show takes place in a period before smartphones and instant messaging, when steam trains, handwritten letters, and homemade food were the norm.

Lampan, with his curly hair and adorable crooked teeth, serves as the series’ heart. His innocence and supernatural insight make him immediately likable. Geetanjali Kulkarni plays a strict grandmother who values hard work brilliantly. Her affection for Lampan does not prevent her from delivering well-aimed barbs and the odd swish of the cane.

Chandrakant Kulkarni’s adventurous and generous grandfather brings warmth to the story. His interactions with Lampan are among of the show’s most endearing scenes. Lampan’s feelings for Sumitra bring a sense of purity and wonder. Their friendship blooms in the midst of beautiful vegetation and peaceful afternoons.

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Viewers are taken to a world of calm courtyards, rivers, and mansions with Mangalore tiles thanks to the production design created by Ashok Lokare and A Rucha. The beautiful soundtrack by Rahul Deshpande enhances the images and makes for a captivating experience. The smart pace of the show—each episode being less than thirty minutes—makes sure that sentimentality doesn’t overtake memories.

“Lampan” serves as a soft reminiscence of more carefree days when people conversed in person and life went slowly. Even though we were never able to chase kittens or discover the wonders of geography to the same extent as Lampan, this show helps us go back to our own youth. Enter Lampan’s universe to find solace from the chaos of contemporary life. Perhaps there is a piece of your own heart waiting for you.


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