Is Selena Gomez Dating? List of Selena Gomez Boyfriend from Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik to Benny Blanco

Full List of Selena Gomez Boyfriends | Check the Dating Life of Selena Gomez Till Now


Selena Gomez is dating Benny Blanco, a music producer and longtime friend of the singer. They recently collaborated on Selena Gomez’s track Single Soon, which released in August 2023.

Selena recently posted a story on her Instagram with the new boyfriend Benny Blanco and announced that she is taking a break from the social media in order to focus on her dating and love life.


Selena Gomez Dating Life History: List of Boyfriends from Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik to Benny Blanco

1- Selena Gomez Boyfriend- Justin Bieber

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In early 2009, Justin Bieber, who had previously expressed Selena Gomez as his celebrity crush, was introduced to her through a connection with his manager, Scooter Braun, reaching out to Gomez’s mother. Their romantic journey took a significant turn towards the end of 2010, evidenced by sightings leaving an IHOP together, arm-in-arm.

Over the subsequent year, the duo was frequently seen together, gracing events and strolling numerous red carpets. However, in November 2012, after nearly two years as a couple, Bieber and Gomez decided to call it quits.

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In August 2014, the pair reignited their relationship, even sharing glimpses on social media to confirm their revived connection. Nevertheless, their on-again romance proved fleeting, as by November of the same year, they once again parted ways.

Fast forward to October 2017, Gomez and Bieber sparked reconciliation rumors once more, marking their final attempt at rekindling their relationship. Unfortunately, just days after going public, the couple faced a turning point and chose to part ways for the last time. This marked a significant chapter in Selena Gomez’s dating life, characterized by highs, lows, and the eventual closure of her relationship with Justin Bieber.

2- Selena Gomez Boyfriend- Charlie Puth

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In March 2016, whispers about Selena Gomez’s dating life surfaced, suggesting a romantic connection with her “We Don’t Talk Anymore” collaborator, Charlie Puth. Confirming the speculation, Puth acknowledged that the two had a brief romantic fling. This episode added another chapter to Selena Gomez’s dating life, briefly intertwining her story with Charlie Puth amid the various phases of her relationships and romantic experiences.

3- Selena Gomez Ex-Boyfriend- The Weeknd

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Selena Gomez’s dating life intersected with The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) for the first time at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where both were performers. Their relationship, however, transitioned into a romantic phase in 2017. Making their red carpet debut at the Met Gala in May of that year, the couple showcased their connection. Despite appearing affectionate in early September, Gomez and The Weeknd, one of her notable boyfriends, chose to part ways just a month later, marking a chapter in her romantic journey.

4- Selena Gomez Boyfriend- Nick Jonas

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In 2008, Selena Gomez’s dating life briefly included a romance with Nick Jonas. Their connection was highlighted when she starred in the “Burnin’ Up” music video, capturing a memorable moment with a playful smirk.

During this era, Nick Jonas was also linked with Miley Cyrus. However, Selena clarified in a 2016 interview with W magazine that there was no feud: “We never feuded. We both liked the same guy when we were 16… We are now completely settled in our own lives.” This glimpse into Selena Gomez’s dating history reflects her ability to navigate relationships, even amid shared connections and youthful complexities.

5- Selena Gomez Ex-Boyfriend- Taylor Lautner

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Selena had a brief fling with Taylor Lautner after they crossed paths during her filming of “Ramona and Beezus” and his work on “Twilight: New Moon.” However, the relationship faced challenges as public interest intensified, ultimately affecting their dynamic.

Taylor Lautner later dated Selena’s close friend, another Taylor – Taylor Swift. The connection between Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift was rumored to have inspired Swift’s song “Back to December.” When asked about the song in 2016, Lautner nonchalantly commented, “That’s what she does.” Such experiences shed light on the intricate web of relationships in Selena Gomez’s dating history.

6- Selena Gomez Boyfriend- Orlando Bloom

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Reports circulated that Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom were linked, supposedly to incite jealousy in Justin Bieber and Miranda Kerr following alleged flirtation at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s worth noting that Justin Bieber was sporting a distinctive outfit during this time.

Despite being seen “chilling outside” a Chelsea Handler show, both Selena and Orlando denied any romantic involvement. This intriguing chapter in Selena Gomez’s dating life adds a twist to the narrative, leaving the audience anticipating what unfolds next.

7- Selena Gomez Ex-Boyfriend- Zedd

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Selena Gomez and Zedd began featuring on each other’s Instagrams during their collaborative music work. However, fans quickly interpreted every appearance they made together, jumping to the assumption that they were dating. Zedd shared a picture of Selena Gomez in bed which fuelled the dating rumours.

8- Selena Gomez alleged Ex-Boyfriend- Niall Horan

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Selena Gomez sparked rumors of a connection with One Direction’s Niall Horan after being seen on a date at the Santa Monica pier. Their association intensified when they were spotted “kissing, hugging, and dancing close to one another” at Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s 35th birthday party. Meanwhile, a month earlier, Justin Bieber was captured serenading Selena with “My Girl” at a Beverly Hills bar.

Despite the speculations, Selena clarified her relationship with Niall when asked by Entertainment Tonight, firmly stating, “Oh my god! No. I love him, I always have. He’s amazing.” Their long-standing friendship, evident even before the dating rumors, adds an interesting layer to Selena Gomez’s dating life.

9- Selena Gomez Ex-Boyfriend- Samuel Krost

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Selena Gomez briefly dated Samuel Krost, known as Fyre Festival’s booker and a friend of Gigi Hadid. Samuel confirmed their relationship through an Instagram post, expressing sentiments about Selena’s authenticity and the reality of love. Despite eventually taking separate paths, the episode adds another layer to Selena Gomez’s dating life, with glimpses into relationships beyond the spotlight.

10- Selena Gomez Boyfriend- Andrea Iervolino

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Shortly after hosting a star-studded party at her Los Angeles home in July 2022, Selena Gomez ventured to Italy in the company of Italian Canadian film producer Andrea Iervolino. Pictures emerged of Selena aboard a yacht in Positano alongside Andrea, igniting widespread attention.Interestingly, this wasn’t the first time the two had been romantically linked.

A source informed Entertainment Tonight during the summer of 2022 that Selena “is more open to love, but she is also very much focused on herself and her work right now. She’s in a very healthy place. She is feeling fantastic and very mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.” Despite these sentiments, the duo spent significant time during her trip dancing, hugging, sharing forehead kisses, and exuding an air of romance on their yacht in Italy, providing a noteworthy chapter in Selena Gomez’s dating life.

Did Selena Gomez Date Zayn Malik? Was Zayn Malik the Boyfriend of Selena Gomez?

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In March 2023, a TikToker surprised followers by sharing insider information about Selena Gomez and Zayn walking into a popular restaurant hand in hand, engaged in a passionate embrace. The revelation included a screenshot of a conversation with a friend who had seated them.

Additional evidence supporting the likelihood of their pairing surfaced, notably Zayn’s limited Instagram follows at the time, with Selena being among the select 18. Although Selena followed more individuals (currently 247), Zayn remained one of the privileged few.

However, their connection appeared to have cooled off, as Selena quietly unfollowed Zayn’s Instagram account in June 2023. Soon after, fans observed Zayn reciprocating by hitting the unfollow button, marking a notable chapter in Selena Gomez’s dating life.

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Selena Gomez Boyfriend 2023, 2024 & Hopefully for Future: Benny Blanco

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Selena Gomez seemingly confirmed her relationship with Benny by responding “facts” to a post speculating about their status. According to an Entertainment Tonight source, Selena and Benny have been casually seeing each other, and recently, it became more official. The source mentions that things have been going well, and Selena is happy, finding Benny both funny and extremely talented. In a great place in her life, Selena is content and relaxed, enjoying the direction their relationship is taking.

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In a recent development, Selena Gomez officially acknowledged their relationship by posting a picture with Benny Blanco. She has decided to take a break from social media to focus on dating her boyfriend, Benny Blanco. Wishing them all the best!


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