Abraham Ozler Malayalam Movie Review: Jayaram Shines as ACP in This Gripping Thriller

Abraham Ozler Malayalam Movie Review: The plot revolves around ACP Abraham Ozler taking on a challenging serial killing case in Trichur.

Abraham Ozler Malayalam Movie Review
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Abraham Ozler Malayalam Movie Review: Contents

I. Abraham Ozler: Introduction
A. Brief overview of the film
B. Mention of key cast members and director

II. Abraham Ozler Malayalam Movie Review: Character Portrayals
A. Binu as Young Abraham Ozler
B. Anaswara Rajan as Suja Velayudhan
C. Arjun Ashokan as Vineeth Ram
D. Noteworthy supporting cast performances


III. Abraham Ozler Review: Technical Aspects
A. Cinematography by Theni Eswar
B. Editing by Shameer Muhammed
C. Midhun Mukundan’s music and its impact
D. Sound design and its contribution to the narrative

IV. Abraham Ozler: Plot and Narrative
A. Overview of the serial killing case
B. Balancing personal and professional elements in ACP Abraham Ozler’s character
C. Suspenseful twists and turns in the storyline

V. Abraham Ozler Movie Review: Emotional Layers
A. Exploration of the psychological impact on law enforcement officers
B. Contributions of characters like Counsellor Varghese Uthuppan and Nanda Kishore
C. Mammootty’s cameo as Dr. Dominic Drake

VI. Abraham Ozler Malayalam Movie Review: Genre Blending
A. Successful integration of crime thriller and character-driven drama
B. Exploration of morality and justice in the narrative

VII. Abraham Ozler Malayalam Movie Review: Conclusion
A. Commendation of the film’s strengths
B. Overall assessment of its contribution to the crime thriller genre in Indian cinema

Abraham Ozler Malayalam Movie Review

Abraham Ozler is a gripping crime thriller directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas, with an ensemble cast led by Jayaram in the titular role. The film intricately weaves together the personal and professional facets of ACP Abraham Ozler’s life, offering a suspenseful narrative that revolves around a challenging serial killing case.

The film opens with Binu portraying the younger Abraham Ozler, setting the stage for the character’s evolution from a rookie cop to a seasoned ACP. The transition is seamless, and Binu’s portrayal effectively captures the essence of a young and ambitious police officer.

Anaswara Rajan shines as Suja Velayudhan, a medical student entangled in the web of the serial killings. Her character adds depth to the storyline, providing a unique perspective from the medical field. Arjun Ashokan, as Vineeth Ram, a prisoner, delivers a noteworthy performance, bringing complexity to the narrative as his character becomes intertwined with the investigation.

The supporting cast, including Anoop Menon, Siddique, Jagadish, and Dileesh Pothan, adds richness to the film with their stellar performances. Each actor embodies their character convincingly, contributing to the overall authenticity of the storytelling.

The film’s screenplay, written by Randheer Krishnan, skillfully combines suspense, drama, and occasional moments of levity. The dialogues are crisp and engaging, keeping the audience hooked throughout. The character dynamics are well-crafted, showcasing the interplay between various personalities in the police force, medical field, and the criminal underworld.

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Cinematographer Theni Eswar’s work deserves special mention for capturing the atmospheric intensity of the film. The visuals complement the suspenseful tone, with strategic use of lighting and framing that enhance the overall cinematic experience. The editing by Shameer Muhammed maintains a brisk pace, ensuring that the audience remains invested in the unfolding events.

Midhun Mukundan’s music serves as an effective backdrop, enhancing the mood and tension in key scenes. The score complements the narrative without overpowering the storytelling, a testament to the film’s overall sound design.

The plot revolves around ACP Abraham Ozler taking on a challenging serial killing case in Trichur. The narrative skillfully balances Ozler’s personal and professional struggles, adding depth to the character. As Ozler delves deeper into the investigation, the film keeps the audience guessing, with unexpected twists and turns that heighten the suspense.

Sai Kumar as Counsellor Varghese Uthuppan and Saiju Kurup as Nanda Kishore contribute to the narrative’s emotional layers, providing insights into the toll such cases take on law enforcement officers. The film doesn’t shy away from exploring the psychological impact of crime-solving on individuals, adding a human touch to the crime thriller genre.

The inclusion of Mammootty in a cameo appearance as Dr. Dominic Drake adds a surprising element to the narrative, creating a moment of star power that fits seamlessly into the storyline.

Abraham Ozler successfully navigates the challenges of blending genres, offering a film that is not only a compelling crime thriller but also a character-driven drama. The film’s exploration of morality, justice, and the complexities of human nature elevates it beyond a typical police procedural.

In conclusion, the film is a commendable addition to the crime thriller genre in Indian cinema. With a strong cast, skillful direction, and a well-crafted screenplay, Abraham Ozler keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, delivering a satisfying and thought-provoking cinematic experience.


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