Instagram Monthly Subscription Feature Will Be Out Soon: Priced at Rs. 89 Per Month

Instagram Monthly Subscription Feature Will Be Out Soon: Priced at Rs. 89 Per Month

Jolly news for Instagram content creators as Instagram seems to be ready to introduce its new subscription feature. According to the company, this new feature will allow creators to earn money and help in building their own community.

Instagram head Adam Mossier announced this feature publicly in an interview earlier this year by saying that the company is exploring subscriptions. According to some reports, the briefing of a new “Instagram Subscriptions” category is available under the “In-App Purchases” section.

Instagram Monthly Subscription Feature Will Be Out Soon

Currently, the company has set the Instagram subscription price at Rs. 89 per month, but it hasn’t finalized this amount so we have to wait when the service rolls out or goes live. As of now, the new subscription button is placed adjacent to Instagram badges. Users can buy their favorite content creator’s subscription to gift them during live sessions.

This new feature by Instagram is similar to Twitter Blue that gives access to users to exclusive content. The in-app purchase subscription was first added to its US App Store on November 1 at a price of $4.99. Later, on November 3 another in-app purchase was added at a price of $0.99.

What Alessandro Paluzzi (Renowned Tipster) Has to Say on This?

This news has already been flashed many times by a tipster named Alessandro Paluzzi through his tweets. He says that Instagram is working on a subscription feature that will appear on the creator’s profile. Meaning the interaction of fans with their favorite content creators will get easy and will get access to exclusive content like stories and videos.

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On subscribing to content creators, users will get a special member badge that will appear adjacent to their username. This badge will appear whenever a user will DM or comment on the creator’s post. Like this users will be able to interact with the content creators in a better way.

Content creators can easily track their earnings, active members, and expired members. Also, creators can customize their subscription name and price and fans can cancel anytime they want. Moreover, other social media applications like Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter have also launched a creator subscription model.

Almost all social media applications have adopted a subscription model as this has turned out a new way to enhance interaction between creators and users. Experts say that Indian content creators will get 3 times more growth with this new feature.


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