How to Rank your product in Flipkart & Amazon to increase your sales


To boost your sales on an e-commerce platform what you need the most is to rank your product in Flipkart & Amazon . To stay one step ahead of your competitors the product needs to rise high among the swamp of products that are available online.

To rank your product on Amazon and Flipkart you have to do few things to stand among your competitors. Start with the analysis of your competitor’s product on the site. How they have described it or listed it. What they have included or what are the reviews. Analyze their product visibility and see the difference between yours and them and then work towards it.

 to Rank your product in Flipkart & Amazon

Assess and note what your product is missing that is stopping to reach a high rank on the product list for potential customers. To list your product you need effective SEO for your product. Because search engine optimization helps your product to crawl the ranking when it comes to the search engine. Whether it is Google or some e-commerce site. For a good SEO service look for a digital marketing agency near you or you can visit Graphketing official website.


To increase your brand visibility there are following are the few steps that you need to follow, for your product to have a high ranking when it comes to the listing of the products:



Any e-commerce website works as a search engine whether it is Amazon or Flipkart. For your product visibility first, you need is a title. The title is the first step towards brand visibility.
To increase the click-through you need an attractive title, a title that is often looked at by customers who are searching. Click through is a part of SEO, it helps in increasing the visitors to your product. But for that, you need a catchy title that doesn’t push it down.
You can use title tags to help your SEO. For a better SEO experience, you need title tags to accompany your title as it helps your product to crawl up.

Product Description

Product description is essential when it comes to crawling up the search engine ranking on Amazon & Flipkart. Your product should have a proper description as it is one of the things that attract potential customers to your product.

Product description helps in understanding the product. It gives insight into your product and also makes the customer confident in buying your product. As the customer gets a better view of your product.
When it comes to clothes: Add cloth material and size.
Furniture: Size and material

Size, material, cloth, battery life, height, etc could help the customer in deciding the purchase. A good description helps the customer in addressing all the issues that could arise from a product.

Don’t forget to add significant keywords to your product as they help as a catalyst when it comes to SEO. Add most searched keywords related to your product in your product description.

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Your product should be visually appealing to the customer too. It should capture each angle of the product to the customer which could help with their satisfaction.

Your product should be the only focus in the picture, it should at least it should cover 80% of the media as it should be the sole thing that the customer should notice.

Keywords: When it comes for your SEO to works the best, keywords help in the process. Keywords help in generating and directing traffic to your product. A brand should have some insight into the keywords before adding them to their product description. Many tools can be used too for generating keywords. But your insight matters as it helps in distinguishing between various keywords.

Relevancy of the keywords to the product is essential otherwise it won’t help your product to crawl up in the ranking. Keywords can be added from the title, description, or metadata.

The right keyword accelerates the conversion rate on your product and also helps with the traffic


Reviews give your product a boost and help in the conversion. Positive feedback and customer experience help in crawling higher in the search engine. Because usually, it gives your the necessary push to move higher.


Amazon and Flipkart provide your product with numerous promotional coupons which could help with the visibility of your product like, coupons, promo code. Even specific promotion of the product is available on both the e-commerce. Adding promotions helps in conversion as it attracts more customers and also increases visibility.

Good search engine optimization acts as the backhand when it comes to a high ranking of the product on an e-commerce site. Any e-commerce site works like any search engine effective SEO and its essential techniques help the product to crawl higher in rank which in return helps in the brand and product visibility. SEO can be tricky for better results hire experts who know about SEO. Look for best Digital marketing agency in Delhi Ncr with the best SEO service in India.





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