Google Security gets a Makeover at the Google I/O 2022


Cyberattacks, privacy invasions and data thefts are becoming more familiar with the passage of time. News of cyber frauds keeps circulating day in and day out, with many people losing their life’s worth of savings. To tackle this crucial situation, Google has come up with a few splendid updates to its security features that will restrict the hackers from accessing your personal information. Google also announced its intention of creating a password-free world in the future with its technological advancements.

Here are the New Google Security Measures:

Account Saftey Status:

google security

Google is adding an icon to the Google accounts of users to remind them of what safety measures they should employ to make their accounts more secure and protected. A yellow alert icon will be added to the profile picture to alert Google users.

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Phishing Detection and Prevention:

Google is taking drastic measures to keep the Google Workspace apps like Gmail, Google Docs, Slides etc., free of any malware and cyberattack. Google security will discard the suspicious activity or links on its own.

Automatic 2 Step Verification:

Google will try to enrol people to add its 2 step security verification to their Google accounts. Google added around 150 million people to its 2 step verification last year. The American company hopes to take it forward in the upcoming years. Google AI will randomly ask the user to secure their account with the 2 SV to enrol more people under the security feature.

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Google Wallet and Virtual Cards:

google security

Google has introduced Google Wallets with virtual cards, applicable in both Chrome and Android. These virtual cards will help people create a distinctive, unique number for making payments through debits, Credit and other cards without using actual card numbers.

It will provide an additional layer of security to the users as the need for entering card details at various outlets will be abolished. Currently, the feature will roll out in the USA and the parts of the Asian continent are expected to get it later on.

Protected Computing and Ad Control:

Google will now allow people to remove their personal information from the web, thereby creating a safe environment. Moreover, people can now control the Ads they want to see on various Google platforms, including Youtube and Chrome. Google will also remove the user’s footprint from the web on its own to offer a greater level of security.

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