Top 10 Hottest Photos of Harnaaz Sandhu: Miss Universe 2021 Exclusive


By being crowned Miss Universe, Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu has become the new sensation of India. The entire nation is mesmerised by her beauty. People are already searching for her glamorous photos. Yes! There’s a lot of dedicated fans turning overnight who wants to know more about Harnaaz.

If you are one of them, then you have just got lucky. Here are Top 10 Photos of Harnaaz Sandhu.


Here’s a photo of Harnaaz Sandhu, just a few hours before she was declared Miss Universe. Just how stunning she looks, slaying her outfit like she knew she was going to win.

Harnaaz has mentioned Anna Kendrick’s quote- “You can’t have a bad day in polka dots”. The selection was made for her. Harnaaz is wearing a black polka-dotted slit dress with a pair of black heels, making her entire personality 1000 times more awesome.

I bet even the judges could not have resisted themselves after seeing Harnaaz’s beauty at the topmost level. A day before the finals, Harnaaz posted a picture of her wearing a multi-coloured gown with a slit cut slightly above the knees and some jewellery.

You can guess she was in it to win it by the sheer confidence reflected in a beautiful smile as Harnaaz Sandhu dazzled in the famous swimsuit round of Miss Universe.

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While Harnaaz captured the beauty of the fashion capital, her fans captured her beauty. How she portrayed Indian culture landed her a spot in the heart of a significant population.

Even while preparing for her competition, she turned every busy day into a fun moment. Here are some glimpses from her shoot at the Royal Beach Hotel.

At the Miss Universe stage, she paid homage to our country’s culture, beauty, and vibrant colours. She is seen wearing a pink lehenga and holding a Jaipuri umbrella. She surely did make India proud.

Harnaaz is seen wearing a chic gown for the preliminary round. This suits the vision she had for herself even before she started preparing for the big competition.


Have you ever seen a photograph that made you go “Woah”? Well, Harnaaz here definitely gives the same reaction. Just a few hours before the Preliminary & National Costume Competition, she wore a yellow dress with golden earrings, which just melted everyone’s hearts.

This is one of the dresses from the Personal Interview Rounds that Harnaaz had worn. From Indian to Western, she slays the stage in every clothing item. You know it from this picture.


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