Gujarati Thoughts: Top 10 Gujarati Quotes for the Thought of the Day

Here are the top 10 Gujarati thoughts of the day


Gujarati culture is filled with emotions, vibrant festivals and tasty food. Many famous Gujarati personalities all around the world have made their presence felt with their uniqueness and willingness to take risks. These Gujaratis have inspired millions in India through their thoughts and quotes that have made the people think long and hard about themselves and their surroundings. If you are a Gujarati looking for some inspiration, then you have arrived at the perfect place cause we have listed the best Gujarati thoughts that will make your day exciting and motivating.

Gujarati Thoughts: Top 10 Gujarati Quotes for the Thought of the Day

Gujarati Thoughts: Top 10 Gujarati Quotes for the Thought of the Day

1- ખરાબ સમયમાં ખભા ૫ર મુકેલ હાથ સફળતાની તાળીઓ કરતાં ૫ણ મુલ્યવાન હોય છે.

A hand on the shoulder in bad times is more valuable than the applause of success. This Gujarati thought or quote makes you realise that people who have helped in your bad times are the real ones. Those who only show up in your success are not your true friends. You must stand with those who are willing to offer a helping hand in the bad times.


2- બોલવાનુું શીખી લો, નહિંતર જીંદગીભર સાંભળતા રહી જશો.

Learn to speak, otherwise you will be listening all your life. A person must know when he should use or give his opinion to others. Ideas are often born after new discussions and arguments. Prepare yourself to face the world and enhance your opinion through dialogue. Surely, one of the best Gujarati thoughts of the day.

3- સંસારમાં મનુષ્ય માત્ર એક એવુ પ્રાણી છે જેનું ઝેર શબ્દોમાં હોય છે.

Man is the only animal in the world whose poison is in words. You must learn to live your life on merit. There is no point in unnecessarily believing whatever you hear from others.

4- માત્ર સંતોષ શોઘો, જરૂરતો કયારેય પુરી નથી થતી.

Just seek satisfaction, needs are never satisfied. You must have already heard the quote that human wants are unlimited. We all know that our needs continue to grow, and we are never happy with what we possess. Learning how to contend with the things we have is one of the keys to satisfaction.

5- જે તમારાથી કંટાળી જાય એને છોડી દો, કારણકે કોઇનો બોઝ બનવા કરતાં યાદ બનવુ સારૂ.

Let go of those who bore you because it is better to be remembered than to be a burden. You should walk away from the people to whose life you are not invited any more. It is better to be alone than to suffer by forcing someone to be with you. Individual independence is necessary to attain in today’s world. One of those Gujarati thoughts that you won’t be able to get out of your head for a while.

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6- ભુુલ એનાથી થાય જે મહેનતથી કામ કરે છે.

Forgetting comes from those who work hard. You will never be able to forget and forgive if you do not keep yourself occupied with a goal or an ambition in your heart and soul. Your hunger for your goals must exceed the tension that you get from your daily life problems. This is a true motivational Gujarati quote.

7- એક ભુલ તમારો અનુભવ વઘારે છે, જયારે એક અનુભવ તમારી ભુલો ઓછી કરે છે.

A mistake adds to your experience, while an experience reduces your mistakes. This Gujarati thought of the day talks about how mistakes and experience are both necessary to survive in today’s competitive world. Your mistakes will make you a great learner, while your experience will make you a great leader.

8- જેવા વર્તનની બીજા પાસે અપેક્ષા રાખો છો, એવુ વર્તન ૫હેલાં પોતે કરો.

As you expect others to behave, behave yourself first. Learn to behave in the exact same manner in which you wish to be treated by others. If you are rude to others, then others will also be rude to you. Treating everyone with kindness is one of the simplest and most beautiful things that you can do. It is one of those Gujarati thoughts that the world needs to include in its lifestyle.

9- જીંદગી બદલવા માટે લડવુ ૫ડે છે, જીંદગી સહેલી કરવા સમજવુ ૫ડે છે.

You have to fight to change life, you have to understand to make life easier. They say there is no gain without pain, and it is completely true. You have to fight from the moment you are born to get what you need or want in your life.

10- દુનિયા બદલવા માટે તમારા હસતા ચહેરાનો ઉ૫યોગ કરો, દુનિયાને તમારો ચહેરા હાસ્ય ન બદલવા દો.

Use your smiling face to change the world, don’t let the world change your smiling face. You should face the adversities in your life with a smiling face. Never ever become someone disinterested or hollow. In this world, you are responsible for your own happiness. One of those Gujarati thoughts of the day about which you should think about long and hard.


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