Gritty Casino Movies That Are Set in Europe

you will soon find that this is easily one of the best casino movies set in Europe.


Even though most casino movies are based in Las Vegas, there are some underground gems set in Europe. If you are seeking a movie that you haven’t seen before or if you want to delve deeper into the world of casino movies, then here are some of the top ones you need to put on your watch list this weekend.

Casino Royale Broke the Mold of James Bond 


This movie was Daniel Craig’s debut as James Bond. His casting marked a shift in Hollywood, and it broke the mould of the character. The movie shows a high-stakes view of the world of poker. It’s set in Montenegro, at the Casino Royale, and the gripping scenes are a masterclass in how to build suspense in a movie. The action scenes are nothing short of world-class, and the storyline is flawless. This does raise the bar for casino movies as a whole.

Croupier is A Top Casino Movie from 1998

Online casino games have been popular for quite some time, but they haven’t always been around. This movie explores what life was like before the rise of digital casinos. In this movie, Clive Owen is a writer down on his luck. He sees an opportunity to work as a croupier in a casino. The film is very gritty and represents the dealer’s viewpoint. From the highs to the lows and everything in between, this has to be one of Clive Owen’s best performances. When you combine it with the noir-inspired theme, you will soon find that this is easily one of the best casino movies set in Europe.

Gritty Casino Movies That Are Set in Europe

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Intacto Offers A Surreal and Cinematic Experience 

If you want a movie that offers a more surreal experience while still covering the topic of gambling, then this is the movie for you. Intacto delivers on every level. This movie revolves around a world where luck is tangible. Casinos play a big role in the storyline, serving as the hub for many high-stakes competitions. It’s got a very interesting concept, and some of the scenes are nothing short of phenomenal. This movie is a crash course in how Hollywood movies should be done, and if you haven’t given it a watch for yourself yet, now is the time for you to change that.

The Gambler Won Many Global Awards

This movie is considered to be the best movie of 2013 from Lithuania. It’s a drama that is directed by Ignas Jonynas. In the movie, you have Vincentas, who is a paramedic. 

He’s struck by the idea of creating a new game that will change the gambling scene, but to do so, he has to put everything on the line. This movie was entered as the Best Foreign Language Film from Lithuania at the 87th Academy Awards. It went on to win numerous awards, including the Warsaw International Film Festival and the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

Gritty Casino Movies That Are Set in Europe

Source: Pexels

In conclusion, filmmakers have created various casino movies over the last 20 years. Each of them offers a unique yet distinctive viewpoint of casinos and the way that they operate. 

Whether you love the suave and sophisticated character of James Bond or the gritty immersion portrayed by Clive Owen in The Croupier, every film can offer an experience that will take you on a cinematic journey like never before. If you are looking for a viewpoint into high-stakes gambling in Europe, these movies should be at the top of your list.

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