11 Strongest Beers in India that You Should Try At Least Once in Your Life


Strong beers that can make you feel all the love and happiness for a few moments are a heavenly blessing; inRa our opinion, what’s better than sipping one of the strongest beers and forgetting all life’s problems and melodrama and just talking sh*t with our friends. That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Here are some of the strongest beers in India that you should give a try.

11 Strongest Beers in India
11 Strongest Beers in India

1- Bro Code- ABV 15%

Bro Code is the strongest beer in India, with an alcohol percentage of a massive 15%. This will surely make you tipsy after a bottle or two, even if you are a hardcore drinker. It costs somewhere around Rs 90 for a 330ml bottle of this strong beer.

2- Kingfisher Strong- ABV 8%

Kingfisher is a well-known brand when it comes to beers in India. In fact, it might be the most popular brand in India when talking about beers. Kingfisher Strong is indeed very strong and makes for a perfect vacation drink with your friends. It will cost you somewhere between Rs 140-160 for a 650ml bottle of this beer.

3- Godfather Premium Beer- ABV 8%

Godfather Premium Beer is another one of the strongest beers, with a massive alcohol percentage of 8 percent. Things can go crazy if you go on a binge drinking of this beer. It costs Rs 110-150 for a 650ml bottle of this strong beer in India.

4- Tuborg Strong- ABV 8%

Tuborg is quite a well-known name in the beer industry in India. Let me tell you a personal secret this is the only beer that actually had me feeling all sorts of feelings and doing some funny and quirky things that I was made to remember by my friends the following morning. Maybe if you drink about 4 bottles of this, you can feel what I felt. Tuborg Strong costs somewhere between Rs 110-150 for a 650ml bottle.

5- Haywards 10000- ABV 8%

Haywards 5000 comes with an alcohol percentage of 7%, which makes that quite a strong beer in India. However, this Haywards 10000 goes past that limit with 8% of alcohol percentage to make it one of the strongest beers in India. It will cost you about Rs 130-170 for a 650ml bottle.

6- The White Owl- ABV 8%

Occasional drinkers might not know of this fun, strong beer. The White Owl is a respected beer brand that certainly packs a punch. Moreover, it is cost-effective and will set you back only Rs 110 for a 650ml bottle.

7- Bad Monkey- ABV 8%

Well, first of all, they call themselves the bad monkey for a reason. On their can, you will see printed super strong beer, and believe me, they are not lying. Why not make a night friends memorable with this beer which costs just Rs 100 for a beercan?

8- Knock Out- ABV 8%

Do you know why it’s named Knock Out cause it has that ability to knock your senses out with its strong alcoholic percentage of over 8%? This beer is perfect to open with friends and have the heart to heart conversations about life in general. It will cost you about Rs 105-125 for a 650ml bottle.

9- Carlsberg Elephant Strong Beer- ABV 7.2%

Carlsberg is another premium beer brand in India that has a good reputation. Their Elephant Strong Beer contains an alcohol percentage of 7.2%, but it feels kinda a lot more than that. You may buy it at the cost of Rs 165 for a 650ml bottle.

10- Bira 91 Boom- ABV 7%

Bira has quickly become one of India’s most popular beer brands with its all sorts of flavours and affordable pricing. Bira 91 Boom is not for your average drinker; this beer is strong and really hits home with its flavours. It will set you back Rs 170-350 for a 650ml bottle.

11- Raging Bull- 7.1%

One of the strongest beers in India, Raging Bull will surely uplift your spirits with its strong content. This hot drink is not cheap, but it definitely comes with that spice you may be looking for. A 650ml bottle of this beer will cost you Rs 210.

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Note: Drinking responsibly is more important than drinking heavily just to have fun. Go all out only when you can trust the company around you.

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