Explore The 10 Most Haunted Places In Delhi

10 Most Haunted Places in Delhi You Must Try


Delhi, India’s vibrant and historically rich capital, is famed not just for its famous monuments, busy markets, and delectable street cuisine, but also for its terrifying haunted places to visit. As the sun sets and the city’s desperate energy fades, a new ambiance envelops particular locations, producing an unsettling air that captivates the imagination. Join us on a spine-chilling journey through Delhi’s most haunted locations, where history and strange events come together. Let’s walk through the 10 most haunted places in Delhi which will give you chills.

10 Most Haunted Places In Delhi

Here is a list of some of Delhi’s most haunted places that will send chills down your spine and leave you wondering about the unexplained.

  • Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque
  • Feroz Shah Kotla Fort
  • Khooni Nadi (The Bloody River)
  • Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal
  • Sanjay Van (Sanjay Forest)
  • Delhi Cantonment Area
  • Malcha Mahal
  • Agrasen ki Baoli
  • Nicholson’s Cemetery
  • Lothian Cemetery

Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque

Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque is one of the most haunted places in Delhi

This tomb and mosque complex in Mehrauli Archaeological Park is associated with the souls of Sufi saint Jamali and his companion Kamali is known as one of the top haunted places in Delhi. Visitors have reported hearing voices and footsteps, giving them the impression that they are not alone. The site’s remote location contributes to its mysterious vibe. It’s been said whoever goes to this place comes back with some breathtaking experiences.

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, which dates back to the 14th century, is said to be a must-visit haunted place in Delhi by a Djinn. Many people think that offerings and prayers to the Djinn can grant wishes. The fort’s creepy atmosphere, particularly after dark, combined with reports of paranormal activities, has dreadful horror experiences for both believers and skeptics.

Khooni Nadi (The Bloody River)

Khooni Nadi (The Bloody River) is one of Mysterious Places in Delhi

Found in Rohini, Khooni Nadi gained spooky fame from a terrible incident in its history. According to legend, the river ran red with blood after a brutal massacre. People have told of strange things happening there – like hearing creepy whispers and feeling a cold shiver when they get close to the river. This makes Khooni Nadi one of the scariest haunted spots in Delhi.

Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal, the scariest haunted place to visit in Delhi

One of the best-haunted places in Delhi lies near the Malcha Marg forest area. This eerie spot is an old and deteriorating place where some believe the spirit of Queen Bhuli Bhatiyari lingers. It’s rumored that her restless ghost roams these ruins once night falls. The desolate surroundings and the crumbling structure only enhance the unsettling atmosphere of this location, making it a truly spooky destination for those seeking a haunting experience.

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Sanjay Van (Sanjay Forest)

Sanjay Van (Sanjay Forest)

Regarded as one of the top haunted places in Delhi, this forest, despite its inherent natural beauty, has earned a mystique for the supernatural. Accounts of peculiar lights, strange views, and unexplainable sounds have transformed it into a realm of both fascination and unease once the sun sets.

Delhi Cantonment Area

Delhi Cantonment Area

Among the horror places in Delhi, the old military quarters and structures of this locale are intertwined with narratives of apparitions donning British-era uniforms. The reverberations of colonial history appear to linger, giving rise to eerie encounters and an atmosphere steeped in haunting.

Malcha Mahal

Malcha Mahal, the abandoned palace in Delhi is a must visit

This abandoned palace in Delhi, also known as the Wilayat Mahal, is believed to be inhabited by the spirits of its former occupants. The tragic history of the princess who lived here and the palace’s remote location have contributed to its frightening reputation.

Agrasen ki Baoli

Agrasen ki Baoli is the delhi's most famous haunted places.

Agrasen ki Baoli, tucked within Delhi’s bustling heart, is a timeless marvel steeped in mystery. As you descend its stone steps, a scary ambiance surrounds you, and whispers of haunting tales emerge. Among Delhi’s most haunted places, this ancient stepwell invites daring souls to explore its spectral depths, where history and the supernatural converge in spine-tingling harmony.

Nicholson’s Cemetery

Nicholson's Cemetery is one of the famous ghost places to visit in India

Situated in Kashmere Gate, this cemetery is among the most famous ghost places to visit in India, hosting its own tales of spectral figures and mysterious incidents. The historical significance of the tombstones adds an element of fascination to the site, particularly when the darkness sets in.

Lothian Cemetery

Lothian Cemetery has supernatural experiences.

Positioned close to Kashmiri Gate, the Lothian Cemetery, a relic from colonial times, has become synonymous with spine-chilling encounters. Numerous visitors have recounted witnessing ghostly evidence and persistent fear sensations while navigating the tomb-laden paths, plunging themselves into an atmosphere ripe with weird, supernatural experiences.


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