Everything you need to know about the King of Sufi “Satinder Sartaaj” and his best songs of all time


Satinder Sartaaj is a legendary Sufi singer whose hit songs needs no introduction. He is a man whose deep songs touch the audience’s heart with an arrow of sentiment. Probably one of the most relaxing voices in all of Music. The man has unquestionably altered the vocabulary of the Punjabi music industry. Satinder Sartaaj songs has found a place in everyone’s soul, irrespective of age. The composure in his statements seemed to represent the man who can withstand a tempest with a smile.


Another advantage of listening to him is that his words contain a region of self-discovery for each of us. His songs are more than that. They are healing in and of themselves. Flickonclick has Summarized one of the Best Songs of Satinder Sataaj that will help you to connect with your soul.


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Here is a list of the 10 best Satinder Sartaaj songs that will help you to discover the true meaning of life

  1. Auzaar

Bande De Hathan Varga, Koyi Auzaar Ni Baneya

Enna Kuch Bann Gaya Lekin, Kudrat Ton Paar Ni Baneya”

The Satinder words in the song Auzaar convey a great Message to an Individual. In his words, there is a sense of self-motivation. Satinder Sartaaj songs are the excellent example of the today’s reality. That is evident in his masterpieces such as these. The music, the vocals, the lyrics, everything about this piece of artwork will bring you joy.

  1. Udariyaan

“Ajj Oss Da Deedar Mainu Ho Gya

Na Gall Mere Vass Di Rahi”

This is another song with significant lyrics from the king of words. The above-quoted words mean,  I had a peek of her today and  I’ve completely broken control of myself.  When we have a love for someone, neurotransmitters such as dopamine and oxytocin take over our brain. These hormones, which control our brain’s pleasure and reward centers, make individuals feel happy and comfortable near one other.

  1. Sai Song

“Sai, Sai ve sadi faryad tere tayi

Sai ve bahon farr behra bane layi”

In this Track Sufi songs King, “Sartaaj” is worshiping lord Sai to that our desire has been presented to you, Lord. Oh Lord, take my arm and lead me to the overcome all the storms. This song is one of the best Bhakti songs that you can listen to in 2022 to worship God Sai.

  1. Tere Vaastey

“Tere Vaasste Ve Sajna, Peedan Assii Handaiyan

Sarmaaye Zindagi De, Ehi Daultan Kamaiyan”

Only a genuine lover can understand the significance of these lines. For a lover, the anguish of parting is an asset, one that serves as the driving force in the act of “synthesizing” artwork out of a lover. Lost love has inspired some of the finest writers of all time. Sartaaj has captured the sensation beautifully in this song.

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  1. Ikko Mikke

“Hoye Mein Te Sajan Ikko Mikke

Dasso Jii Hun Ki Likhiye”

Sartaaj’s song brilliantly expresses the satisfaction of finding love in lyrics. Few things in life compare to the pleasure of finding love, especially when it’s with somebody who shows interest in your feelings with equal fervor. The lovers have noticed some significant alterations in their behaviors. Their emotions are elevated to extraordinary levels, their appetites plummet to new lows, and sleeping appears to be a waste of energy.

6. Ammi Song

Duniya Te Sukh, Sabar, Shanti Tan Ae,

Kyoki Sabna Kol Ammuli “MAA” Ae”

This Satinder Sartaj’s song is one of our favorite tracks. It’s one of the most soothing songs you’ll ever hear.  It’s like never getting tired of listening to your mother whether it’s scolding or Care. You just need them to be at your side all the time.

  1. Zikr Tera

“Jad Zikar Tera Hove, Rukh bolan Lagde Ne.

Patjharh Da Mausam Vi Ranngeen Jeha Lagda”

The trees commence communicating when your name is spoken. Even the autumn season appears to be colorful!! Love may be breathtakingly lovely. It’s tough to put into words how you think when someone mentions the individual you want to live your entire life with. There are no specific terms in the English language that can adequately describe this philosophical feeling.

  1. Filhaal Hawawan Song

“Filhaal Hawawan Rumk diya

Jad Jakhar Julu Wekhange”

We adore the way Satinder Sartaaj songs manipulates the meaning out of the phrases. “The wind is now constantly moving. we  Will have to wait and face when the cyclone arrives” His comments strike a wonderful equilibrium between hope and realism, or, to put it another way, he appears to be a Possibilist.

9. Jalsa

“Chandni Ne Punneya Te Jalsa Lagaya

Saddaa Cheel Nu Vi Aaya, Chand Mukh Mehmaan Si”

Jalsa words from Satinder Sartaaj’s long-awaited album ‘Rangrez,’ released in May 2014. Associates in Rhyme produced the song’s music, and Satinder Sartaaj wrote the lyrics from his heart. Sartaaj has collected a fictional scenario in the song that reflects the wonders of nature.

10. Masoomiyat

“Sab Ton Mehngi Hundi Ae Masoomiyat

Sone Taan Unjh Lok Bathere Hunde Ne”

The lyrics of this track sung by Sartaaj will whistle your heart and give you goosebumps. The lyrics say “ Innocense is one of the expensive things, Many people are attractive and beautiful these days but can’t buy innocence. This song is worth listening to and it will soothe your ear and relax your mind.

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