Consent Required to have Women in UP Work between 7PM to 6AM


UP government headed by Yogi Adiyanath has brought in a few reforms to change the landscape for working women in the state. The govt introduced many new rules and regulations which the corporations and the state-run offices will have to follow from now onwards.

The new set of reforms is designed to empower office going females. The main change that the UP govt has brought to the work environment is the ability of women to have a say about when they are comfortable working from the office.


Working-class women are free to turn down their employer when asked to come to the office between 7 PM and 6 AM in UP. Only those females who are willing and have no problems coming to the office between these hours can be persuaded to come to the office.

The Labour and Employment Department of the State has made it clear that written consent will be needed by the organisations for calling females to work between 7 PM and 6 AM. Also, the company must provide free transportation facilities to the women is another rule that is being attached to the primary change.

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Earlier in the year, the Yogi government proposed a scheme for women empowerment with a massive budget of ₹75.50 crores. The UP govt has also proposed a plan for establishing cyber support desks, especially for women at the district level in UP.

Here are other changes included for Women in UP government’s latest circular:

women working in up

1- If a female gives her consent to work at night then adequate facilities must be provided to her including food and drinking water. Those organisations which fail to provide these basic amenities will be subjected to severe punishment from the govt if an employee complains about the issue.

2- A committee at the organisational level is needed to be established for protecting women’s rights and safeguarding the workplace for females. This committee should be formed right away and if the harassment instances are recorded then the company must take action at once again the culprit.

3- Women in UP are entitled to certain other basic facilities relating to hygiene. Separate changing rooms and bathrooms are required for calling women to work at night from the office. Those companies which fail this criteria will be adjudged as unfit for females to work during the night.

4- A company cannot call less than 5 female employees to work at night. This minimum requirement is necessary for having women workers in the office at night.

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