Coat Movie Review: Caste and Poverty Take Centre Stage in This Drama

Coat Movie Review: COAT is a film that examines the relationship between caste and poverty.


Coat Movie Review: COAT may be the first Bollywood film to depict the harsh realities of pig-rearing families. Other films in Marathi and other regional languages, however, have captured the plight of people from marginalized communities. Fandry by Nagraj Manjule, for example, is about a pig-hunting boy who fantasizes about romance with an upper-caste girl in his class.

Coat Movie Review Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ | 3/5

Coat Movie Cast: Vivaan Shah, Sanjay Mishra, Sonal Jha, Pooja Pandey and the others

Coat Movie Story: Madho and his father are pig farmers, belonging to a low caste, who are not respected by the other villagers. One day he sees a foreigner being respected and admired because of his expensive coat. Determined to succeed, Madho sets about trying to acquire a coat that he cannot afford.

Coat Movie Review: Caste and Poverty Take Centre Stage in This Drama

Coat Movie Review

COAT is a film that examines the relationship between caste and poverty. Among the well-known actors who play lead roles in the film are Sanjay Mishra and Pooja Pandey.

In recent years, Bollywood has become more open to the stories of society’s marginalized groups. For example, Article 15 focused on the caste system in villages, whereas Madam Chief Minister, starring Richa Chadda, told the story of a Dalit woman who overcame all odds to become Chief Minister. Other Bollywood films have made passing references to the country’s caste system.

However, there have been very few Bollywood films with a Dalit protagonist, and COAT is one of those “few and far between films.” The film’s main character is Madhav, a pig-rearing boy. It depicts the aspirations of a lower-caste boy.

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Madhav has never been able to afford new clothes, but he dreams of wearing an imported coat. Surprisingly, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, a member of an untouchable caste, wore the coat as his habiliment.

While other films on the subject of lower castes have only focused on oppression and murders of Dalits, this film deviates from the norm and sends the message that anyone, regardless of caste, can achieve anything if they are determined. The film emphasizes making it big against all odds.

All in all Coat is a decent movie to watch of you are looking for hard hitting cinema.

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