Change Aadhaar Card Details From Your Home, Know How?


Aadhaar card updation is one of the most hectic tasks that one can do. The reason being that in often cases, either you would not be able to reach the right people.

And even if you then there’s s a long queue waiting for you. Which might make you think that it’s better to leave the wrong details on your Aadhaar card.


But in today’s digital times, we have a solution to that problem as we’ve been provided with online methods to update the same. The reason people don’t try to use this way is that it’s not that known out there but still, it does exist.

While only the address of the Aadhaar holder can be changed via the online method, it’s still a big help for many.

Aadhaar Card Details

The simple way to get the details in your Aadhaar updates are as follows: 

  1. Visit the official website of UIDAI.
  2. Collect color soft copies of your necessary documents. These documents need to contain an identity verification with one address proof document which you would need to upload in the later stages.
  3.  The documents can be anything ranging from your electricity bill from the current time to three months back to ration cards, passports, bank passbooks, voter it, driving license water bills, telephone landline bills, and papers of the property.
  4. Coming back on the website, find an option labeled as “My Aadhaar Card” and click on it.
  5. Under that option, you’ll find another one saying “Update Your Aadhaar Card” and you need to proceed with that.
  6. Now, you’d be given the option to upload your documents and alter your current address in the Aadhaar details with the new one.
  7. After that, find the “Processed to Update Aadhaar Card” and click on that.
  8. You will receive one OTP on your Aadhaar registered phone number after doing that and you need to enter that in order to proceed and alter the address.
  9. Voila! you have successfully updated your address in the Aadhaar database from the comfort of your home.

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