CA Final Study Hacks: All You Need to Know to crack CA final exams


We all have goals. However, making goals a reality necessitates a lot of passion, commitment, self-discipline, and sacrifice. CA examination is the primary focus for students who want to make a career in accounting. Talking about CA final exams, It is one of the hardest parts of their journey to achieve their goal, and passing it demands a lot of effort and dedication. But not only hard work is sufficient you also need to make smart choices and adopt a rational strategy that can help you to crack exams.

Talking about CA final, it has a very low pass percentage of 3 to 8 % approximately. And eight very tough subjects that appear to be large obstacles in your journey to success, but if you truly want to add the prefix “CA” in front of your name and achieve your aim, you must crack these exams.

 How to Study for the CA Final Exam?

study tips for CA finals

As we all know, we need to prepare for CA Final examinations while also continuing to work on our articleship, which can be stressful and time-consuming, therefore here are some study tips and tricks for CA Aspirants.

1) Prioritize important topics

It’s hard to know what to ignore for CA exams and what to study. But it’s extremely difficult to cover the entire syllabus unless you are a brilliant person, So, the ideal study tip for the CA final is to focus on the topics which are important so you can seek help from your professors regarding the same.  Complete these topics first of all to confirm your exemption.

2) Make Summary Notes

summary notes for CA final exams

It is one of the finest CA final self-study strategies. Nothing matches your notes by hand to revise one day before the exam. It is extremely hard to revise the full study material and Practice manual in a single day.

3) Study on weekends

Make the most of your free time on weekends. Instead of wasting hours with your buddies,  you should devote sufficient time to your studies. As the weekend is the only free day we get while pursuing articleship.


4) Practical application of knowledge

When performing audits or compiling financial statements, connect the tasks you do to the understanding you learn while studying. As practical aspect of topics is the most effective way to retain it for a long time.

5) Study the subjects with the least Amendments,  firstly

It is completely up to you whether you want self-study or take assistance from professionals. Initiate with practical topics such as Strategic Cost Management, Strategic Financial Management and Performance Evaluation, and Financial Reporting. The curriculum of these topics does not vary in general, and there are no major changes in these subjects. Taxation and other subjects which have many amendments should be taken at last.

6) Don’t Forget MTPs and RTPs

When studying for CA final exams, mock test papers (MTPs) and revision test papers (RTPs) are essential because many questions from these test series recur frequently. You can improve your CA exam score by preparing for it.

7) Positive Attitude

postive attitude to crack CA finals

The CA race’s last stages can be psychologically and physically challenging. Maintaining a happy and cool attitude will boost your self-confidence and help you in achieving outstanding results. Thinking too much before an exam can have a bad impact on your scores.


CA final exams are extremely tough to pass, but remember to never give up. It’s the simplest way out there. Set up a goal and don’t give up on it until you accomplish it. These are some CA Final study suggestions that you should follow if you want to become a Chartered Accountant. Best wishes and We are hoping you find this information helpful.

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