Best Offers For JioMart Upcoming ‘Do Din Tak Dhina Din Sale On 11th and 12TH September


JioMart has risen to become a household need in the current times with its vast range of products and fantastic discount on already slashed prices. But wait! How do you get to know about the current offers and discounts on JioMart that you can avail of on the same? Well! That’s where we chime in.

So, today we have for you an extensive list of offers and discounts from JioMart, which you can apply during the ‘JioMart Din Tak Dhina Din Sale’ valid between 11th and 12th September 2021.

Best Offers For JioMart Upcoming 'Do Din Tak Dhina Din Sale

Products at INR 9 Per Kilograms

Consumable items such as Sugar and Onion are available at the price of INR 9 per kilogram. This is quite a save if you compare the market prices, which usually revolve around INR 40 per kilogram for both items.

15% Discount on Ghee

If you’re an avid eater of Ghee and related products, this offer can save you many bucks. For a 1000 INR, you get to save INR 150 very quickly.

50% Off on Biscuits

Having snacks in the house is a must, and if they come in the shape of delicious biscuits then, what a treat. We mean literally what a treat. But imagine buying double the amount you usually would because the prices are now slashed by 50%. A great deal it is for the lovers of biscuits and related products.

20% Discount on Tea and Coffee

If you’re like most of the population who live off caffeinated drinks, you can save up to 20% by buying during this sale on JioMart.

33% Off on Chocolates and Related Items

Chocolates are known to give an instant mood boost, so you need to stock them up in your fridge for sure. And with an offer like this where you get to save about 1/3 rd of the price, stocking up is a must.

These are some of the offers from JioMart; if you wish to check more, then head over to JioMart Official Website by clicking here.


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