Best Movies of Neena Gupta from her Stellar Career Spanning over 4 Decades


Neena Gupta, a veteran actress in the film industry, has played some of the most challenging and diverse roles throughout her career. Critics have praised her film choices and nuanced acting performances throughout her stellar career. Mostly she is seen as a supporting actress, but in a few social thematic feature films, she has acted as the lead. Her ability to get immersed in the roles she plays and deliver a message and a heavy dose of entertainment through her characterisation in films is highly applaudable. To celebrate the best movies of Neena Gupta, we have created a list which shares her best feature films in the Indian film industry.

Here are the best movies of Neena Gupta from her stellar career:

1- The Last Color


the last colour neena gupta

The Last Color, a unique movie produced and written by the celebrity chef Vikas Khanna left a significant impact on society as it challenged the stereotypical norms and conventions. The movie is set in Varanasi, where dogmatism and orthodox Indian culture are prevalent. Neena Gupta plays a widow who longs to add colour to her life.

However, the societal norms for the widows direct them to wear only white colour sarees and rob them of all the opportunities for rekindling happiness. In the film, she befriends a nine-year-old tight rope walker who promises to add colour, a metaphor for fun and contentment in her lacklustre life. The Last Color was critically praised for its accurate description of Indian society and went on to win the award for best movie at Dallas International Film Festival.

2- Woh Chokri

Neena Gupta won a national award for best actress in a supporting role for her portrayal of an abandoned woman named Geeta Devi in the film. Neena is a widow in the movie who gets enticed by a man and decides to stay with him despite opposition from her family. For a few years, her life went smoothly, and she conceived a daughter with her husband.

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However, one day she suddenly wakes up to find that her husband has left her without explanation. She is then forced to work as a maid to keep herself and her daughter afloat. One day she receives news that her husband is alive. The movie then keeps on becoming more heart-breaking until the end. Watch this to experience the pain of unknown individuals in our society.

3- Badhaai Ho

badhai ho neena gupta

Badhaai Ho brought back life to the career of Neena Gupta. Her career as an actress was fading away, but her role in the film as an old pregnant lady won her many accolades. The film is a social comedy and tackles the concept of societal taboos. It explores how people take no time to stigmatise certain actions. Her heart-warming performance won her an award for critics’ choice of best actress at the Star Screen awards.

4- Sooraj Ka Satvan Ghoda

The 1992 feature film based on a novel won the national award for the best film. The movie follows a man named Manek Mulla, who narrates his tale of encountering three troubled women to his friends on seven different afternoons. Sooraj Ka Satvan Ghoda is viewed as a cinematic genius in the Indian film industry due to its rich performances and great narration strategy. All three women whose stories are discussed are trying to find love in their lives. It’s an interesting movie that will surprise you with its elements. Watch it as soon as you can as it is one of the best movies of Neena Gupta.

5- Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita is a Sanskrit language film. One can easily tell the film is about the sermon that Shri Krishna gave to Arjuna during the battle of Kurukshetra. It explores the life lessons taught to the people by Shri Krishna through his dialogue with Arjuna. Neena Gupta portrays the role of Draupadi in the movie. It went on to win the national award for the best feature film.

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