Best Kodi Skins You Should Try Out Right Now


If you use Kodi, you are already in love with this magnificent media player software. We can’t deny that it has many great functionalities and will for sure facilitate the management of your content. But one of the great parts and favorite of many is the possibility to personalize it. Many Kodi skins are offered that you can apply and have a different look whenever you want to. Let’s look over some of the best Kodi skins that are now available, and you can try them out.

Best Kodi Skins

How to install Kodi skins

There is one very easy way to install Kodi skins, and this is by using the official repository. It is pretty straightforward, and you should just go to the Addons” tab and then search for the name of the skin you want to install. Once the download is done, you will be asked if you would like to change the skin, and you should click on “Yes.” However, not all skins are available there, so you can use another way to install different skins. 

The other way is to install it with the help of zip files that you can find on different forums or unofficial Kodi libraries. However, if you choose to do so, you will have to take additional security measures. What we mean by that is installing a VPN and an anti-virus system just in case. All popular VPNs support Kodi app, and you will be able to take advantage of many additional great perks. By using a VPN, you will be able also to mask your IP and stream any content you like on the different streaming platforms and sites. And when it comes to an anti-virus system — better save than sorry, so an extra layer of protection is always welcome. 

Best Kodi skins you should try out right now

The variety of skins is enormous and is sometimes very hard to choose. You can change the skin of your Kodi’s interface every day if you want to, and it still will take you quite some weeks to try all of them out. This is why we came up with a list of some of the best skins you should try out. Keep reading and find the one you like the best.

Titan Bingie

This is a very popular Kodi skin that already has many fans. The goal of the developers of this skin was to make it as close as possible to the Netflix interface. Netflix is one of the simplest platforms that is very easy to navigate and user-friendly. This is why Titan Bingie is also very trending, and you won’t need a lot of time to get used to it. The performance is also more than great, and the customization options will be something you will love. 



If you want to have skin with many customization options, you should go for Amber. Once you install this skin, you will see a horizontal menu that will include the main categories that everyone will expect, like movies, TV series, music, etc. However, you can immediately change this and customize it as you would like to. What is really cool is that Amber will change the background pictures when you go through the different categories. All those pictures will be taken from your media library, but it is quite cool that the background is not static. 


As the name might suggest, this skin is the default one for Emby users, but you can also use it. The interface is pretty much the same as the Emby one, so if you have used this build at some point, you will find it very easy to use and navigate. It also tries to replicate the interfaces of famous streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. What is great is that the functionality for on-screen lyrics works pretty great and is way better than the one offered by other skins. 


Atlas is one of the oldest skins available out there but is still very trending. The developers behind it work on it all the time. It is one of the skins that is updated almost immediately once    a new Kodi version is released. Recently Atlas skin was completely revamped and is way cleaner and simpler. But most Kodi users are looking for such a design right now, so this is the right way to go. You can personalize quite a lot when it comes to the Atlas interface, and you can make it look like you would like it to. 


We all love to personalize our devices using different backgrounds, sounds, and in the case of Kodi skins. You can find really cheerful and colorful ones or dark and simple ones if you prefer this. Most of them also offer great personalization options, so you can put every element exactly where you want. Explore the ones we recommended, and maybe you will find your new favorite one. 

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