Beast Movie Review: Thalapathy Vijay Shines but the Movie Disappoints


Beast movie starring Thalapathy Vijay and Pooja Hegde is creating havoc at the box office, but does it deserve the hype it’s generating?

The film has opened up in jam-packed theatres, but fans are coming out disappointed and dismayed. Beast movie suffers from the sluggish writing in the second half and fails to live up to the promise before the interval.


Beast is a wannabe Die-Hard of Indian cinema that focuses on a spy who fights off terrorists while being trapped in a mall with many hostages.

Director Nelson Dilipkumar completely had the excellent opportunity of turning the enthralling plot into a nerve-wracking thriller to create a film that relies heavily on Vijay’s stardom to propel it to the status of a blockbuster.

Die-Hard Thalapathy Vijay fans who love action without purpose might be pleased by this pathetic screenplay that Dilipkumar has put on the screens.

Beast Movie Cast:

beast movie cast

Thalapathy Vijay is cast as Veera Raghavan, a RAW agent who is quick, sly, bold and commanding.

Pooja Hegde makes her return to the Tamil film industry after 10 years as the main female lead and portrays the role of Preeti.


Beast follows a spy who founds himself trapped in a shopping mall when the terrorist decides to take over the building to fulfil their ulterior motives.

The larger than life hero, Veera Raghavan, takes it upon himself to go against the bunch of armed terrorists all alone without waiting for the support from armed law enforcement after hearing the screams of a young girl.

The film then follows Veera’s journey of taking down the terrorists single-handedly while managing his budding love story with Preeti on the side.



Beast movie fails to live up to the height and buzz it created before the release. Thalapathy Vijay is excellent in his role of a dashing and unfazed spy, and the returning Pooja Hegde also delivers a decent performance.

However, what lets down the film is the storyline that becomes mundane and predictable after the interval.

The movie is fast-paced and engaging in the first half with some great action sequences and world-building, but the second half of the film drops the mantle and ruins the experience for the viewers.

The jitters that should be present in an action-thriller climax are surprisingly absent from the movie, and little hints and clues always give away the next move our hero is going to play.

The film could have done a lot better, even if the climax was written much better, but what’s done is done, and Beast turns out to be a forgettable experience.


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