Avatar 2 Cast Salary: Sam Worthington’s 10 Million Dollar Deal Will Surprise You


Avatar 2, titled Avatar: The Way of the Water, is all set to arrive in the theatres on 16th December 2022. The franchise is making a comeback after more than 10 years. James Cameron, the director, has announced that the movie is going to have five parts in total, which will be released by 2030. Here we have covered the Avatar 2 cast salary to let you know how much Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and other actors are charging as fees for the upcoming epic sci-fi adventure saga.

Avatar 2 cast salary Sam Worthington paid 10 million dollars

Avatar 2 Cast Salary

Avatar 2 cast salary is going to blow your mind as the actors involved in the film are getting hefty fees for their efforts. Sam Worthington is charging a huge amount of US $10 Million which translates to about Rs 81 Crores. Sam Worthington is also getting a 5% share of the profits as his salary for Avatar: The Way of Water. Zoe Saldana, the female lead of Avatar 2, is getting paid the US $8 Million as her salary for the film. In Indian rupees, her salary for Avatar 2 is more than 64 Crores.

Sigourney Weaver is getting paid a hefty fee of the US $3.5 Million or Rs 27 Crores for his part in the film. The famous Hollywood actress Kate Winslet is taking home US $6 Million, which amounts to about Rs 49 Crores. Stephen Lang is also earning US $2 Million for Avatar: The Way of the Water. Vin Diesel is expected to have a secret role in Avatar 2, and his salary is about US $10 Million, which is counted as 81 Crores in Indian rupees.

Avatar 2 Cast Salary FAQs:

vin diesel charges 10 million dollar for avatar 2

1- How much did Sam Worthington get paid for Avatar 2?

Sam Worthington is being paid US $10 Million in combination with a 5% share of the profits.

2- How much did Avatar actors get paid?

Avatar actors have paid between the range of US $2 Million to the US $10 Million.

3- Who is the highest-paid actor in Avatar?

Sam Worthington has secured a profits-sharing deal which makes him the highest-paid actor in Avatar.

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