Adipurush Budget- The VFX Blunder Ups the Cost of the Film


Adipurush, which was earlier slated to release in January 2023, has been postponed to June 2023 release due to the VFX blunder, which garnered the film-makers harsh criticism from the fans. The movie stars Prabhas, Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles and was made at a huge budget of Rs 500 Crores (US $63 Million). However, after the trailer release, it received a lot of negative feedback, which prompted the makers to work on it even more. This ultimately increased the budget of Adipurush.

Adipurush Budget
Adipurush Budget

Adipurush Budget after the VFX Blunder

Adipurush dropped its trailer on Diwali 2022, and the fans who were hoping for a great visual treat were left distraught with the VFX that made everything look cartoonish. Many memes started to float on social media targeting the bad VFX of Adipurush. This made the director Om Raut issue a public statement in which he said that he is going to work on the VFX of the film and they are pushing the release date of the film by six months.


The budget for the Adipurush movie after the VFX blunder has reached Rs 600 Crore (US $72 Million). The massive budget of Adipurush has upped the stakes for the film. If it fails to do good numbers at the box office, then Adipurush will become one of the biggest failures in the history of Indian cinema.

Adipurush Budget FAQs

  • What is the budget of Adipurush?
  • Adipurush budget is Rs 600 Crore.
  • How much is the Adipurush budget in dollars?
  • The budget of Adipurush in dollars is US $72 Million.
  • What was the budget of Adipurush before the VFX blunder?
  • The budget of Adipursh before the VFX blunder was Rs 500 Crore.
  • How much is the salary of Prabhas for Adipurush?
  • Prabhas has charged Rs 150 Crore for the film.

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