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According to many claims, it is believed that Tuesday is the best day for booking flights. And flight booking history showed that you can avail of the maximum amount of discount if you made bookings at exactly midnight on any Tuesday. But, is it really true?

Well, not anymore. In 2017, released a case study research done on flight booking patterns. The results show that on average, no day of the week is better than any other to book a flight. And the trend is still nowhere to be observed.

In the same year, Expedia and Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) worked on air travel analysis. The result portrayed that for most destinations, Sunday is the best day to book cheaper flights.

The advance computer systems are wired in such a practical way that they follow user patterns. These patterns are recorded and analyzed. The decisions of discount offers are automated nowadays and are not based on variables like best days and timings. But are more directed towards each user’s engagement with the system and the pattern of their use, through which a personalized data-driven approach is followed and offers are distributed.

But there are still some ways to help you put regardless of the fact that the traditional approach is no longer working. So, here are some things which you can check out before you book tickets for your next flight.

The Early Bird Offer

How far ahead of time you made flight bookings, prominently matter in the case of getting you cheaper and more affordable bookings.

CheapAir studies show that we see the price fluctuation in a flight’s booking price about 71 times on an average. Also, the same study also shows that the best slot for booking comparatively cheaper flight tickets could lie anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 1/2 months before the date of departure. This period maximizes the discount value. 

Avoid Last Minute Booking

Being an early bird is the best thing you can do for traveling cheaper. But, if you’re the lazy guy who books at the very end, then you’ll end up paying about 2 or 3 times more than the actual price of the booking.

Which is not economically viable until you’re way too rich, which you’re probably not, for you opened an article about ‘book cheaper flights’ (:P)

Cheaper International Tickets

December is considered to be the most expensive time to fly internationally. Here are four major outlines for international flight bookings to get the best deals on flight tickets.

  • For winter, book 62 days in advance. Primetime offer period: 21 to 110 days before departure.
  • For spring, book 90 days in advance. Primetime offer period: 46 to 122 days before departure.
  • For summer, book 47 days in advance. Primetime offer period: 14 to 160 days before departure.
  • For fall, book 69 days in advance. Primetime offer period: 21 to 100 days before departure.

Using Incognito Mode or VPN for Flight Bookings

Using a VPN while booking flight tickets has resulted in users getting a good amount of discounts. The following steps could be majorly used for getting flight offers.

  1. Start your VPN service, use any location preference according to your choice.
  2. Clear your browser cookies followed by opening an incognito window.
  3. Go to Expedia and check the price by varying your IP.
  4. Play around with different sets of locations and IP until you find the cheapest ones.
  5. Record which set gives out the maximum discount for future use, and book tickets.
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The VPN and Incognito mode helps as while you’re using both of them, tracking your online data becomes hard. And Travel sites have no idea of your behavioral pattern and eventually treats you as a new user.

And they always have a ton of offers for the new customers, for they want to lure them into buying stuff from them next time as well.

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