7 Best Hot Web Series in Hindi to Watch on Disney+ Hotstar


Hot web series on Disney+ Hotstar are abundant in numbers, but only a few of them are good enough to be considered watchable. Here we have created a list of those hot web series that hit the mark with their great storytelling and keep viewers’ eyes on the screens until the series is over. This list only includes those hot web series that are available in either their Hindi dubbed version on Disney+ Hotstar or were originally shot in India in Hindi. Without further adieu, let’s dive right in.

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Hot Web Series in Hindi to Watch on Disney+ Hotstar

1- Out of Love


This hot web series in Hindi on Disney+ Hotstar is filled with suspense and a thriller. It follows a couple who separate from each other after the wife divorces her husband. However, the tension between the duo starts to rise again when the man returns to where her wife lives with his new-found partner.

2- Aashiqana

This hot Hindi web series on Hotstar has started to gain a lot of attraction nowadays. The romantic thriller focuses on Yash and Chiki, who must uncover a huge conspiracy while dealing with their own personal feelings and the after-effects of their actions.

3- The Empire

Disney+ Hotstar has given a romantic and thrilling twist to the tale of the first Mughal emperor Babar. This Hindi hot web series follows a 14-year-old Babar who rises to the throne and must deal with many issues to stay at the top. It’s one of the must-watch web series on Hotstar right now.

4- Escaype Live

This latest hot Indian web series on Hotstar is something that you don’t wanna miss out on. With many twists and turns, the series keep you engaged for its entirety. It is about a live-streaming app that announces that the most popular people on their platform will receive huge amounts of cash and prizes. However, a price must be paid for all of this.

5- Criminal Justice

This is one of the most popular hot web series in Hindi on Disney+ Hotstar. The show has already resulted in two sequels, but the original season was the best one yet. A man wakes up with all his memories lost and covered in blood. Everything has gone wrong at a one-night stand, but he doesn’t remember anything.

6- Human

Another hot Indian web series that is surely a must-watch on Disney+ Hotstar. It is trending on the OTT platform right now because of its thrilling story that follows the world of medical crime.

7- Aarya

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen made her OTT debut with this hot web series. She portrays a woman who gets entangled in the crime and must save her family somehow from its breathing effects.


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