7 Best Hot and Bold Web Series on ALT Balaji to Watch in 2022


Hot and Bold Web Series on ALT Balaji are more sensational and stirring than shows streaming on other OTT platforms. ALT Balaji has some of the hottest thrillers that you can watch to be involved in captivating storylines that make a person watch one episode after another. Today, we have collected the best hot and bold web series on ALT Balaji that you should definitely consider adding to your watchlist in 2022.

Here are the 7 best hot and bold web series on ALT Balaji:

7- Gandii Baat

4- Broken But Beautiful

Gandii Baat, created by Ekta Kapoor, is one of the most popular shows streaming on ALT Balaji in 2022. The show brings the tales of love, sex and betrayal from the various parts of India in a fictional setting.

6- Crime and Confessions

crime and confessions alt balaji

Crime and Confessions is one of the most watched and searched series on ALT Balaji. The show. The web series is a collection of anthologies set in different eras but having the same focal point of love, sex, romance and betrayal at their core.

5- Bekaaboo

alt balaji hot and bold series

Bekaaboo is about a novelist who gets fame and success after his erotic thriller turns out to be a big hit. However, somewhere deep within his heart, the writer is not satisfied with just that. He craves more pleasure that’s interestingly linked to pain.

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4- Broken But Beautiful

broken but beautiful

Broken But Beautiful is a wonderful romantic, sensual thriller to watch on ALT Balaji. The show created by Ekta Kapoor tells the story of two people and their love, relationships, heartbreaks and never-ending romance.

3- Dev DD

dev dd hot and bold series

Dev DD is developed by Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor. The show is about a woman named Devika who falls in and out of love, lust and betrayal in this web series. It’s a modern-day version of Devdas.

2- Virgin Bhasskar

virgin bhasskar

Virgin Bhasskar is about a 26-year-old desperate virgin whose lust has worked wonders for him by turning him into a successful erotic novelist. The series explores the concept of virginity of an adult man with a lens of quirkiness.

1- Ragini MMS Returns

hot and bold series

Ragini MMS Returns is hot series inspired by the Ragini MMS film. The show has a similar narrative to the film. It follows Ragini, who joins a college only to be greeted by a spirit that she could never have expected to encounter.

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