Top 10 Hot Ullu Web Series to Watch in 2024

Top 10 Hot Ullu Web Series to Watch in 2024


Top 10 Hot Ullu Web Series to Watch in 2024: New Ullu Web Series have started to lose the steam and the fans of this digital platform are turning away. However, those who know about the Ullu OTT platform from day one would remember the hottest and sexiest web series that Ullu produced at its peak. The library of Ullu is still better than many other new Ullu alternatives. This article covers some of the best Ullu Web Series to watch in 2024.

Top 10 Hot Ullu Web Series to Watch in 2024

1- Palangtod

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Within this captivating tale, a young man finds himself enmeshed in intricate relationships with two women, his evolving emotions for the younger woman introducing a layer of complexity to their dynamics. As the story progresses, the characters navigate a tumult of feelings, prompting contemplation on whether they can collectively discover the love they yearn for. Notably, esteemed Ullu actresses Noor Malabika and Mahi Kaur enhance the allure of this widely appreciated Ullu Web Series in 2024.

2- Riti Riwaj

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In a charming village, a distinctive tradition grants married women the freedom to choose a companion of their liking to fulfill their intimate needs during times when their husbands are unavailable.

3- Panchali

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In an isolated village, an elaborate story unravels when four siblings – Yogi, Nandu, Jinu, and Balli – discover themselves wedded to the same woman, Bhoomi. Each brother establishes a physical bond with her, resulting in a complicated scenario. Adding an additional layer to the enigma is Bhoomi’s son, Anshu, whose true father remains a mystery among the four brothers. Anupriya Goenka takes the lead in this Ullu Web Series, ensuring an enthralling narrative that positions it as one of the standout shows to watch in 2024.

4- Wife in a Metro

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In the story of Wife In a Metro, a wounded heart finds solace in the embrace of an unforeseen love, leading to the formation of new bonds. However, as seemingly inconspicuous yet intricate connections between two people intertwine, their world undergoes an unforeseen disruption, revealing the narrative of a lone heart. Wife in a Metro presents itself as a captivating Ullu Web Series ready for online streaming in 2024.

5- Melting Cheese

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Taking an unforeseen turn in the storyline, Neena, a spouse, forms an improbable bond with Meena, the secretary at her unfaithful husband Anand’s workplace. Melting Cheese emerges as an exceptionally enticing Ullu Web Series, promising an engrossing viewing experience in 2024.

6- Size Matters

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Struggling with anguish, Aarohi yields to deceit against her sister, driven by a self-centered goal. Yet, her choices plunge her into an uneasy situation. In her determined pursuit of achieving a particular physical condition, Aarohi explores non-traditional approaches, unintentionally attracting even more significant obstacles and public scrutiny.

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7- Innocent

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A trustworthy and guileless domestic assistant is swayed by the unfaithfulness of his employer. Initially, he endeavors to reveal the misconduct of his boss, but as circumstances progress, he discovers an alternative route that more closely aligns with his personal needs and wishes. Innocent stands as an apt conclusion to our compilation of the finest Ullu Web Series for 2024 viewing.

8- Taxi

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A chance meeting between a young woman and a man at a bar veers into unforeseen developments. After their meeting, the woman arranges for a cab to reach her next destination, only to realize that destiny has alternative intentions for her.

9- Julie

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Julie’s serene existence takes an unexpected and disconcerting turn as an obsessive and relentless admirer begins to chase her, triggering a sequence of enigmatic occurrences. The lingering uncertainty revolves around whether Julie can escape the grasp of this immoral and sinister pursuit and emerge from the ordeal unscathed. The series showcases the skills of Nehal Vadoliya, a well-known actress in Ullu Web Series.

10- Woodpecker

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Having ambitions to establish herself as an airline owner, Shanaya’s intellect leads her to a pivotal encounter with the right individual. Despite her sincere attempts to make a lasting impact, achieving success proves elusive. Undaunted, Shanaya is joined by four other individuals, all sharing the collective aspiration of attaining the opulent lifestyle they crave. Stay tuned for the captivating Ullu Web Series, Woodpecker, marking it as an essential watch in 2024.


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