10 Best Hindi Dubbed South Indian Movies on Hotstar to Watch


What are the best Hindi dubbed South Indian movies you have watched on Hotstar till now? You must have been thinking of popular movies like Baahubali and more. However, it’s been a few years since these popular movies have been removed from Hotstar. Now, there are many new Hindi Dubbed South Indian movies that are streaming on Hotstar. These movies are filled with chaos, entertainment, drama, action, thrill, comedy and much more. So without wasting any time, let’s directly get to the list.

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10 Best Hindi Dubbed South Indian Movies on Hotstar

1- Cadaver

Starring Amala Paul in the lead, this thriller is one of the best Hindi dubbed South Indian movies to watch on Hotstar right now. Cadaver is a thriller that will take you on a thrill ride; believe us; it will shock the lights out of you with its shocking twist that no one sees coming. The movie follows a forensic specialist who is tasked with solving the mystery behind a series of murders. Will she be able to do that, or will the time run out on her?

2- Sita Ramam

Starring Dulquee Salmaan, Mrunal Thakur and Rashmika Mandanna, this is one of the best Telugu language romantic period drama films to watch. The film is an epic love story that’s told from quite a different perspective. It’s not your traditional love story, as there are many secrets and mysteries that will keep you guessing. As of now, it’s one of the most popular Hindi dubbed South Indian movies on Hotstar.

3- Rorschach

South Indian actor Mammootty, famous for starring in mystery thrillers, has come back with this enthralling movie that has been rated very highly by the critics. The movie follows a mysterious person Luke who is on a secret journey to destroy the people who took away his everything. If you have not watched this, then you are missing out on one of the best Hindi dubbed South Indian movies on Hotstar right now.

4- Bheesha Parvam

Directed by Amal Neerad, this South Indian movie is one of the most hyped action movies of recent times. The film follows Michael, who takes over the business of the Anjootti family due to an unfortunate incident. However, Michael’s sudden rise to the top irritates many in his family, who team up to take him down.

5- Jagamemaya: Instant Karma

This Hindi dubbed South Indian movie is a Hotstar exclusive. The movie is about a con man who somehow convinces a grieving widow to have a makeshift marriage with him to make instant cash. However, he gets in big-time trouble when he comes to know that he is the one who is being tricked and his wife harbours many secrets that he did not know about.

6- Kaala

South Indian veteran Rajinikanth and Bollywood veteran Nana Patekar star in this action drama. The movie follows a man Kaala who unites the people of Dharavi to take down a politician who is trying to evict the residents of the place. However, soon the fight turns too personal, and everything is at stake. Certainly, one of the most interesting Hindi dubbed South Indian movies on Hotstar to watch right now.

7- Vikram Vedha

The South Indian Vikram Vedha, which stars Vijay Sethupathi and R Madhavan in the lead, is much better than its remake by Bollywood. The movie is about a criminal, Vedha, who approaches a corrupt police officer Vikram to guide him to certain things that the police officer did not really expect at all. The movie uses the motif of Indian mythology, making it one of the most interesting Hindi dubbed South Indian movies on Hotstar.

8- Heaven

A Chief Inspector loses his son to a heinous crime and spirals down a path of self-destruction. He is removed from duty and then starts to unravel the mystery of the murder of his child on his own. Will he be able to find the criminals who are responsible for the murder of his kid? The answer to this question forms the crux of this story.

9- FIR

Irfan Ahmed’s life is turned upside down when a succession of stereotypical ideas based on his faith wrongly accuse him of being a terrorist and send him on a mission to prove his innocence. The movie went under the radar of the people despite being an engaging thriller. Certainly, one of the best Hindi dubbed movies on Hotstar right now.

10- Vikram

Last but not least on the list of best Hindi dubbed South Indian movies on Hotstar is Vikram, which stars Kamal Haasan in the titular role. It is one of the biggest hits of 2022. The movie follows Vikram, who is trying to take down a notorious drug cartel by himself. An investigation becomes an impediment in his path.

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