Whether you should go back to your ex or not?


Going back to your ex is a very confusing topic nowadays that whether you should look back to your past or simply move on, whether it was good or bad.  The decision is very personal and private, although you should definitely consider some factors before making any move. Whether your Ex was toxic or not? What was the reason for Separation? Do you and your Ex both feel for each other? Do you have any future with them? Despite having feelings do you both respect and still understand each other or not?

Do you still want to go back to your Ex?

All of your confusion will be sorted out today. Just scroll and read all the factors that will give you the right answers about whether you should get back with your Ex or not.

Here are some factors based on which you should choose whether you should go back to your ex or not.

Reason for Break Up

If your ex merely ended the relationship due to attraction with a third person and has now realized his/her mistake. Never accept his or her apology because if they genuinely cared about you, they would have never left. If the reason for breaking up was anger, ego, or attitude, and still both of you respect, love, and care for each other then it is worth giving a shot because finding someone who genuinely loves you is rare these days.

Trust issues in Relationships

Trust issues

Assume your ex betrayed you and you forgave them. Forgiveness enables the forgiver to move on. But you split apart because you stayed skeptical even after the event and never believed your ex again. You couldn’t express your concerns or worries with them; you couldn’t be open and honest with them. While couples can reestablish trust in their relationships, true connection is built on trust. You wish to be with a kind person, who you respect and who respects you Back. Find someone who would never break your Heart. 

Friendship is Important

A true lover accepts you as who you are. They provide you with respect, love, and trust. Friends like spending time together. Something essential was lacking if you didn’t have a friendship with your ex-lover. A long-term relationship’s vitality is dependent on friendship. If you love each other, but can’t share. If you care but something keeps holding you back. Definitely, it is not worth getting back with your Ex, because bonding with your partner matters a lot. 

Toxic Relationship and still want to go back to your Ex

Toxic Relationship

You may not be aware of the signs of an unstable relationship. Being with someone who doesn’t treat you better may come naturally to people who grew up in broken families or with domestic violence. You are entitled to a loving relationship that includes trust, affection, open conversation, and closeness. Take a moment for yourself if you aren’t dating anyone or are wistful of the fantastic moments you had with your ex. You might not wish to reconcile with your ex. Perhaps you’re just lonesome. There are methods to stay inspired after experiencing heartbreak. Give yourself respect, recall ways to make yourself happy, reconnect with your interests and passions, and look forward to a bright future.

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Do you both belong to old-school families and the reason for the separation was your parents? However, despite numerous attempts to end the relationship, you can’t let your feelings fade and both of you still feel the same way. As a result, such couples must always fight for their rights. Ultimately, if you make the wrong decision and marry according to your parents’ wishes, you will constantly be lost thinking about your Ex. As a result, you would be destroying three lives: your current partner’s life, your ex-lover’s life, and yourself. Start taking a stand if it is worth fighting for.

Communication Difficulties

Communication facilitates connection. Understand that you deserve a lover who cares about you and speaks appropriately if your ex pushed things under the carpet, avoided tough conversations, or became confrontational and screamed. While conflicts are inevitable in all relationships, arguing damagingly can destroy them. Tuning in with each other on more than just boring, logistical issues is healthy in a relationship. If you or your ex-partner have not improved your communication skills, these issues can just as quickly derail a revived relationship.

Lust or Love

Lust or Love

If it’s difficult to tell the difference between desire and love, consider this: Do your memories of your moments together focus on fantastic physical intimacy? Physical intimacy is about physical attraction rather than a profound emotional attachment. Intimate sex, on the other hand, combines sex drive and sexual encounters with a strong, long-lasting bond. It may appear impossible to define love, but it is achievable. Love is defined as a caring, devoted, and profound emotional commitment. If you still have physical desires for your Ex but don’t have feelings and they still love the same way, sorry to say Here you are a toxic lover. Leave them for their good sake and find a partner with the same mentality.

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