What are the Odds of GT Winning IPL 2024? Which Team to Pick in Fantasy League This Season?

Should you try your luck on Gujarat Titans in IPL 2024?


Gujarat Titans (GT) has quickly become a fan favourite in the Indian Premier League (IPL) just after the two years of its inception. The team has qualified for back to back finals of IPL and even win its inaugural season of the tournament. Hardik Pandya led Gujarat Titans to title victory in 2022 and to the final against Chennai Super Kings in 2023. However, Hardik Pandya has been transferred to Mumbai Indians and Shubman Gill is set to captain the team in IPL 2024. Let’s find out the odds of GT winning IPL 2024. Can you bet on the cricket of Gujarat Titans in the fantasy leagues this year? Here is the answer.

What are the Odds of GT Winning IPL 2024? Which Team to Pick in Fantasy League This Season?

Can GT Win IPL 2024?

Gujarat Titans have undergone a huge change with the transfer of Hardik Pandya to Mumbai Indians. Shubman Gill has been announced as the captain of the team and will lead the likes of Rashid Khan and Mohammed Shami. Gujarat Titans have trusted and invested in Shubman Gill as the future. Will their move pay off in IPL 2024? At the moment, it seems that Gujarat Titans are going to feel the void left by Hardik Pandya.


Their auction did not go according to the plan and they are majorly going to miss the all-round abilities of Hardik Pandya. Shubman Gill is an inexperienced captain. He is yet to captain in a major tournament and his first assignment is directly in IPL 2024. The young batter could fall below the expectations. There are high chances of Gujarat Titans not qualifying for the finals of IPL 2024.

We would advise you to consider all the risks before betting on Gujarat Titans in IPL 2024. Fantasy league cricket is definitely spicing up and IPL 2024 is going to present you with a lot of opportunities. But you should trust the information that is available to you and make decisions with your brain when it comes to picking the odds of selecting a team which could win.

What is Fantasy Cricket League Games?

For cricket enthusiasts unaware of the thriving online platforms and apps facilitating the creation of personalized teams and entry into lucrative competitions, it might seem like they’re missing out on a significant trend. Fantasy league cricket has garnered immense global popularity, finding a perfect stage during the Indian Premier League (IPL) to showcase strategic skills. These platforms offer a seamless entry into fantasy league tournaments, providing enthusiasts with the chance to not only curate their teams but also place bets on favored players and teams, enhancing the overall excitement of the IPL experience.


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