What are the Odds of MI Winning IPL 2024? Which Team to Pick in Fantasy League This Season?

Should you take a chance on Mumbai Indians in IPL 2024?


Mumbai Indians (MI) is one of the most successful team in the history of Indian Premier League (IPL) with five trophies. Only Chennai Super Kings have similar number of trophies in IPL. Both the franchises have fought in some of the most exciting matches in IPL and we could end up seeing the CSK vs MI final in IPL 2024 as well. Mumbai Indians have undergone a lot of changes before the IPL 2024 and this would impact their journey in this season.

What are the Odds of MI Winning IPL 2024? Which Team to Pick in Fantasy League This Season?

Can MI Win IPL 2024?

Mumbai Indians have undergone a huge change. Rohit Sharma has been removed from the captaincy despite being retained in the squad and Hardik Pandya has been named as the captain of the blue brigade. Mumbai Indians spent a massive amount of money to make the Hardik Pandya transfer happen. They even let go of their star cricketer, Cameron Green to gather enough funds that would help them acquire Hardik Pandya from Gujarat Titans.


This leadership change has sparked a lot of controversy as Mumbai Indians players like Suryakumar Yadav and Jasprit Bumrah have posted cryptic stories that suggest that Hardik’s captaincy is not being preferred in the team. Even then, Mumbai Indians has a formidable squad that could rival any IPL team. The five time champions know how to bounce back and give their all for the team.

Mumbai Indians will start as one of the favourites to win the IPL 2024. Hardik Pandya led Gujarat Titans to two back to back finals in the tournament. His leadership qualities are quite remarkable and you can definitely see him taking Mumbai Indians to the final as well. There is never a wrong time to doubt the odds of Mumbai Indians winning an IPL season. The team definitely has what it takes to win the tournament and you can definitely enter fantasy league contests with Mumbai Indians as your favourite.

All You Need to Know About Fantasy League Cricket

If you’re a cricket enthusiast and haven’t explored the numerous online platforms enabling you to create your own team and engage in lucrative competitions, you might be missing out. Fantasy cricket leagues have gained immense popularity globally, and the IPL presents an ideal stage to test your strategic prowess. Through various apps, you can seamlessly join fantasy league tournaments, wagering on your preferred players and teams in the Indian Premier League.


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