Turbo Movie Review: A Turbo-Charged Entertainer with Mammootty’s Charisma

Turbo Movie Review


Turbo, directed by Vysakh and produced by Mammootty Kampany, is a fast-paced action film that keeps the adrenaline pumping. With Mammootty in the lead, this film takes us on a rollercoaster ride through Chennai’s political corridors and Idukki’s rugged terrain. Let’s get into the turbo-charged world of Jose and his fight against a ruthless kingmaker.

Turbo Jose (played by Mammootty) is an intrepid hero from Idukki known for his “naadan” courage. When he discovers a sinister plot orchestrated by the powerful political figure Vetrivel Shanmugha Sundara (played brilliantly by Raj B. Shetty), he decides to expose corruption and bring justice. Along the way, he encounters personal dilemmas, romance, and intense action scenes.

The film relies heavily on Mammootty’s performance, and he delivers. His portrayal of Turbo Jose is charismatic, combining vulnerability and unwavering determination. Whether it’s a big fight or an emotional confrontation, Mammootty keeps us interested throughout. The picturesque Idukki hills provide a pleasant backdrop.

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Turbo’s interactions with his lively mother (played by Bindu Panicker) bring warmth and humor to the story. Their chemistry is endearing. As the story shifts to Chennai, we witness Vetrivel’s power play. The tension heightens, and the stakes rise. The confrontation between Turbo and Vetrivel keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Vishnu Sarma’s photographs capture both the lush greenery of Idukki and the gritty urban landscape of Chennai. The visuals enhance the storytelling. Christo Xavier’s score complements the film’s pacing. It elevates everyday experiences, making them memorable.

Turbo is a pakka mass entertainer that features action, drama, and Mammootty’s star power. While some moments are predictable, the overall experience is thrilling and well worth the ride. Prepare for this adrenaline-fueled journey.


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