Thalavan Review: An Intriguing Investigative Thriller

Thalavan Review


Thalavan, directed by Jis Joy, is an intriguing investigative thriller that keeps the audience guessing. With Biju Menon and Asif Ali in the lead roles, the film spins a web of suspense, corruption, and unexpected turns. Let’s explore the world of police officers, secrets, and murder investigations.

The story revolves around two police officers, CI Jayasankar (Biju Menon) and SI Karthik (Asif Ali). Their fiery personalities collide as they work at cross purposes. When Jayasankar is implicated in the murder of a goon’s wife, Karthik takes over the investigation. DySP Udayan (Dileesh Pothen) recounts the case in flashback, revealing the difficult path to resolving the crime. The first half holds your attention with intriguing red herrings, but the second half introduces new suspects and situations, occassionally confusing the viewers.

Biju Menon’s performance as CI Jayasankar is impressive. His screen presence and typical cop demeanor lend authenticity to the character. Karthik’s role enables Asif Ali to shine. His chemistry with Biju Menon keeps the movie interesting. Dileesh Pothen, Miya, Anusree, and other supporting characters contribute significantly to the story.

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Jis Joy, known for his lighthearted films such as Sunday Holiday and Vijay Superum Pournamiyum, ventures into the investigative genre. While the film is entertaining, it falls short of being truly exceptional. The visuals depict both urban and rural settings, which enhances the storytelling. The background score enhances the tension and drama.

Thalavan is a well-crafted thriller that strikes a balance between suspense and action. Despite some stumbles in the second half, the chemistry between Biju Menon and Asif Ali is worth watching. If you enjoy crime mysteries, get ready for this investigative ride!


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