Top 20 Golden ‘Friends’ Gags That Can Make Anyone Laugh On The Millionth Watch

Top 20 Golden 'Friends' Gags That Can Make Anyone Laugh On The Millionth Watch

Friends have been one of the top running shows of all time, and there are numerous reasons for that. Well! We’re not going to drill down to the why’s and how’s of the same but wait! We have something special for you today.

All through the ten seasons of the show, some moments and jokes needed to be preserved. These gags were so good that even if you’re rewatching the series a 100th time and you know all about the setup, you still won’t be able to control your laughter.

So, here’s a list of 20 incidents in Friends that can crack someone up on the millionth Watch.

We Were On a Break

The look on Ross’s face, though.

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You Have Really Great Hair

What do you say to that? Umm… maybe not this.

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The Pro/Con List

Chandler was reading that paper as if it was a script to hide the fact that it was a pro/con list about Rachel.

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Joey Being Chandler

Well! We don’t have anything to say; let us laugh first.

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Tit For Tat

Pretty good use of a good idiom.

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You Wanna Help?

Pheobe being Pheobe. Also, these dialogue works wonder in real life. Try it sometime.

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What’s White?

Well! It could be a ghost, and Joey is not all wrong.

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The ‘Bambi’ Moment

Chandlers don’t cry at movies, and this is the reason why.

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Ankles Are Weighing Me Down

Right after Ross complained to Rachel of chubby Ankles, she dropped this.

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Getting ‘New’ Friends

Wow! Monica was a psychopath, wasn’t she?

sub buzz 459 1633461175 24

FICA Taking All Her Money

Well! We all know what a rich spoilt brat was, Rachel, and here’s how.

sub buzz 416 1633459289 36

Just Friends

Joey is good at keeping secrets, well! Maybe.

sub buzz 769 1616705869 5

Joey’s Apple

We all know how good he is at learning new concepts, like French or Guitar.

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Knife In My Back

Usually, Chandler is the Sarcasm king, but Rachel killed it here.

sub buzz 414 1633464114 1

Ross Being Omnipotent

We’re sorry for you, Ross; we’re so sorry for you.

sub buzz 4736 1621804262 1

How To Find Something In 30 Minutes?

Well! If you know, you know.

sub buzz 537 1633458102 5

Harmonica Hammered

Monica has too many little spat’s with her parents, but this might be the best of all.

sub buzz 637 1633464631 22

Monica Oh! Monica

From the time they were playing a game to win over the apartment, and Monica’s got some secret getting out.

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Joey Being Joey

‘How Many Times a Day Joey Does It?’ Well! Nobody knows, but it’s a lot.

sub buzz 405 1633460285 40

The ‘Side’ Salad

Where should the side salad go? On the side, obviously.

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How do you like the list? Well! If you’re one of the biggest Friends fans like we are, then you must be thrilled.

Wait! You’ve got to say something, don’t hesitate, go on and comment down below. Tell us could we do any better?

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