Money Heist Season 5 Vol 2: The Heist will come to an end.


Money Heist season 5 initiative first half was every inch the thrill rush we expected. We’re still absorbing everything that happened – even that big character fatality. However, the Netflix global sensation has more to offer before calling it quits, with part 2 of the season finale expected to be released on December 3.

The drama has captivated spectators since the beginning, with the heists becoming increasingly outrageous and taking place at different locations such as the Royal Mint and the Bank of Spain. But be prepared for more emotional scenes as the drama concludes — it’s anyone’s guess who will survive the ordeal.

Season 5 Plot:

The Professor has discovered ingenious strategies to get out of difficult circumstances in the Spanish criminal drama Money Heist for four seasons. When Netflix’s extremely popular show (also known as La Casa de Papel) premiered with the first half of its eagerly anticipated Money Heist Season 5, everyone’s favourite mastermind professor seemed to be at a loss.

If the Professor’s confusion is to be understood, he hardly anticipated demoted investigator Alicia Sierra to have the upper hand on him. He had no clue the cruel pregnant lady would imprison, torment, and gunshot him in the left foot.

Sierra even had the professor telephone his colleagues, who had been imprisoned at the Bank of Spain for over 100 hours, to repent and essentially say goodbye.

The defeat was palpable and believable — but this is the Professor we’re talking about. At the end of Season 4, the same guy not only assisted his lover, Lisbon, in escaping from police custody, but also dropped her off at the Bank of Spain to rejoin the other Dali-mask fighters carrying wildlings in their squad.

Stockholm is blowing her temper now that Manila has exposed herself to be a robber dressed as a hostage, since Manila was supposed to be herself and Denver’s Plan B for Cincinnati’s parental custody if the couple does not live. But that’s all we’ve got for now.

The flashback involving Berlin and his adoptive child Rafael in Plan Bs created the impression that the Professor’s nephew might be his backup option. After all, he graduated from MIT with credentials in electrical engineering and cybersecurity. Is he really going to stop supporting his uncle?

Despite the episode’s depressing ending and the possibility that the “Bella Ciao” outlaws are doomed, the Season 5 debut had several highlights. Marseille’s getaway from the military chopper without getting captured was one of them.

The lamb “farmers” who helped were a really nice touch. Having said that, you have to feel sorry for the poor man who was forced to drive that red Volvo despite his will in order to help them escape. Isn’t it bad enough that the gang abducted this man’s wife from a beauty salon?

Come on, guys. You’ve got a good heart. At this point, the heart is all that is left of our favourite robbers. Still, with any hope that Rafael’s talent and much-needed support will help, things are looking up. The Professor needs to move away from Sierra as well.

(There is a major spoiler ahead if you haven’t seen Money Heist Season 5 Vol 1.)

Colonel Tamayo promised Sierra at the end of the previous season that she would be held totally answerable for anything on the police side. After losing her employment, she went on her own to knock down The Professor Sergio (Alvaro Morte). Sierra, on the other hand, rebelled and accompanied the professor. According to the forensic examination, she exposed email discussions about the Algerian events.

Sierra’s behaviours are unsurprising to the professor, who tells her that all of the proof has been faked. Tamayo also tells the press that Alicia used subterranean networks to leak vital information to the Professor. Furthermore, Tamayo said that the mastermind of the robbery rewarded him 8 million euros.

Sierra has become a government mole, and she is trying to clear her name while functioning. Meanwhile, the gang inside the bank feels encouraged because the professor is not being detained by authorities. They devise a strategy for interacting with the troops. Sierra, on the other hand, is in labour pain and in need of aid. The professor warns her that if she chooses to let them treat her, she will kill a baby.

As the episode comes to a close, the Professor accompanies Sierra with the delivery of the baby at the factory. The audience notices that the army has begun shooting at the bank.

On the other hand, the military force, consisting of 12 men, including Gandia, infiltrated the Bank of Spain by detonating explosives on the bank’s rooftop.

The military team surges into the kitchen after detonating their bombs on the pantry wall. Tokyo fires at them from behind cover to buy some time, but quickly realises she is outclassed and there’s nowhere to run. She kisses her lover Rio farewell and announces to The Professor over the radio that it is appropriate for her to be his guardian angel.

Tokyo couldn’t take the soldiers any longer and was struck by several more rounds from the squad before succumbing to his injuries. When the troop checks on her, they find that she has retagged the four explosive granades that are attached to her chest. They burst, ultimately killing Tokyo and perhaps taking the entire military squad with her.

Tokyo is now history, just as it was at the end of Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1. Other dalli mask warriors present in the Bank of Spain lost their precious warrior Tokyo and also got rid of military officers who were spying on the bank. But the game is not done; they still have to steal gold and escape from the police.

Everything we know about Money Heist Season 5 Vol. 2

Netflix has published the first look picture and teaser for Volume 2 of Money Heist Part 5, which will be available worldwide on December 3rd. These are the five last episodes that will bring the heist to a close.

Money Heist Season 5 Vol 2 teasers say: “I’ve lost folks close to me in the last few hours.” “And I’m not going to let anyone else fall as a result of this heist. The Professor declares at the start of the 31-second teaser.

Of course, we understand a lot is going on in relation to the continuing heist at the Bank of Spain, but the teaser reveals no details. It gives us a sliver of an idea of what we can anticipate in the second half of the final season of one of the most-watched streaming shows ever on Netflix.

In the teaser, Lisbon, Palermo, and Denver, among others, are seen. There is a slew of emotions etched in their observable features, ranging from sadness to frustration.

On the other hand, as per the new Netflix exclusive clip, Alicia (ex-police officer) is on the run with her kid, rushing into the city in a car. According to the clip, Marsella tries to catch Alicia Sierra from the front, while the professor is behind her. Alicia does not stop, and Marsella needs to turn the car instantly to prevent crashing with her. While she shoots the bullet in Marsella’s vehicle, and here his car thrashes. So, based on our assumptions, Alicia wants to fail the professor’s plan and be protected from the cops. She does not wants to face charges of betraying cops.

The clip has sparked various suspicions about Sierra’s intentions. What will happen to the gang now that Tokyo, the most essential character after The Professor, is gone?

This, and many other questions, will be addressed in the season finale on 3rd December 2021.

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