Thelma the Unicorn Review: Glitter, Stardom & Unexpected Consequences

Thelma the Unicorn Review


Thelma the Unicorn, directed by Jared Hess and Lynn Wang, follows the amusing adventures of Thelma, a small-time pony with big goals. Thelma dreams of becoming a music sensation, but her beige coat and mundane existence appear to be holding her back. That is, until a rare, pink-and-glitter-filled turn of events transforms her into a sparkling unicorn.

As Thelma ascends to quick international pop-superstar status, the world falls in love with her enchanting persona. Brittany Howard plays Thelma with a charming blend of innocence and curiosity. Will Forte’s performance as Thelma’s close friend, Otis, delivers both comic relief and heartbreaking moments. Jon Heder’s performance as Reggie, the suspicious manager, gives complexity to the plot.

The film’s images are a kaleidoscope of hues, from Thelma’s sparkling makeover to the neon-lit concert stages. Lynn Wang’s direction captures the fascination of Thelma’s sudden celebrity. The music, which includes charming unicorn-themed songs, adds to the film’s appeal. However, beneath the glitter is a warning tale.

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Thelma’s celebrity status comes with an unforeseen consequence. She struggles with the loss of her actual identity, the pressures of popularity, and the sacrifices necessary to remain in the spotlight. The film examines issues of authenticity, self-discovery, and the cost of pursuing goals.

While the concept is appealing, the implementation falls short in a few areas. The tempo is slow during Thelma’s introspective times, and the ending feels rushed. Furthermore, the antagonist, Vic Diamond (played by Jemaine Clement), lacks depth, making it difficult to completely engage in the battle. Thelma the Unicorn is a charming trip full of enchantment and heart. It reminds us that celebrity isn’t always what it seems, and that returning to oneself can be the most incredible trip.


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