The Garfield Movie Review: Funny & Nostalgic

The Garfield Movie Review


After a 15-year sabbatical, The Garfield Movie makes a touching return to the big screen, starring the iconic orange cat. Garfield, voiced by the great Chris Pratt, sets out on a daring adventure that blends amazing animation, smart humour, and a dash of nostalgia.

After reuniting with his long-lost father, Vic (played by the charismatic Samuel L. Jackson), Garfield becomes involved in a crazy heist. Garfield and his devoted companion Odie (voiced by Harvey GuillĂ©n) set out to steal mountains of milk for Vic’s ex-partner, the wicked Jinx (Hannah Waddingham). But this isn’t your typical cat-and-mouse game; there’s more at stake than just dairy goods.

The Garfield Movie maintains an excellent mix between Jim Davis’ classic comic strip and current animation. The images are delightfully whimsical, reminiscent of Garfield’s mischievous antics. The lack of hyper-realism adds to the film’s appeal, making it feel like a nostalgic hug from the past.

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The film’s comedy is generally effective. Garfield’s trademark humour and lazy charm shine through, even if they are periodically overpowered by the absurd robbery narrative. Lines like “Garfield and Tom Cruise execute their own stunts” inject meta-humour, while emotional moments focus on Garfield’s beginnings and relationship with Jon Arbuckle (Nicholas Hoult).

Fans of the original comics may wish for more of Garfield’s usual energy and sharp humour. The departure of beloved characters such as Arlene, Binky, and Nermal creates a hole. Nonetheless, the film compensates with uplifting scenes and Snoop Dogg’s brief but unforgettable performance as Snoop Catt.

The Garfield Movie does not reinvent the wheel, and it does not need to. It’s a fun ride that combines nostalgia with new animation.


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